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Gift Ideas for Couples | Best 5 unique his and hers presents

It’s the holiday that seemingly has the most pressure when it comes to buying something as a gift for couple. Your significant other deserves a special present, isn't they? Positive emotions and love are trully priceless!

But you never know what’s too much, too little, too cheesy, too formal, and everything in between. Do you settle for flowers and chocolate? Or do you go all out with a big present?

Image by Adi Goldstein, Unsplash

What if there’s something in between that is thoughtful, exemplifies personality and perfection?

Well, there’s a solution.

Gift ideas for couples can be difficult, especially when they’re matching, because it’s important to combine both tastes in one.

Meeting in the middle is ideal for your relationship, but luckily, with leather goods, it’s pretty hard to not find something suitable.

Why Matching Couple Gifts are the Best

Presents on Valentine’s Day don’t need to be hyper-personalized to the person like you would do for a birthday, just enough to show you care. The gift doesn’t have to be something from your partner’s Amazon Wishlist, in fact, it can be even better if it’s something they would never suspect.

Most people don’t want a gift itself, instead, they want to know they were thought of and loved by their significant other.

They would prefer to feel special have a present that really doesn’t mean anything with a bow on top.

V. Day is dedicated to love, and there’s no better way to show that than to amplify your desire to be a partner.

Matching sets are evidence of this in the idea that you want to be part of something meaningful.

You want to show that this present is not only something you felt like your partner would like, but it’s also something you can enjoy as a couple too.

“Matching couple gifts are a fun way to share something with your boyfriend or girlfriend without having to share the same one item. My boyfriend and I love to match when we’re apart because it’s a nice way of making us feel closer to one another. When I miss him the most, I wear the leather strap he got me, and he’ll wear his too, so it feels like we’re next to each other. We don’t have to go long distance often but when we do, it’s really important that we stay close. We want our love to endure any test of time or distance.” – Monica, Orlando, 25

His & Hers Gift Ideas: Why not Chocolate?

While any drug store or department store will be teeming with stuffed animals, leave those to the middle schoolers with less creativity and money in their wallet. It might be cute in the moment, but by the end of the week, the plush bear only takes up space and will likely end up in the back of the closet or even in the trash by the end of the month.

Modern men and women would much prefer practical couple present to the cheesy and stereotypical that costs $7.99 at a CVS.

They want something that lasts and serves as a sentiment to their love and relationship, not that was a last-minute thought in the checkout line.

Originality and customization are truly what’s appreciated most, for longer than just the moment of opening.

“I’ll never not appreciate the gifts my girlfriend gets me, but I don’t always get excited when I see that it has something to do with sweets or chocolate. I’ve been trying really hard to watch my diet and just stay health.

Whenever I get a lot of candy around me, it makes me want to cheat on my progress and just dive in on any bad or good day. It also makes me feel like she didn’t put in as much effort as I put in for her because I can go to any store and picked up chocolates in the shape of a heart for myself and it will all taste the same.

But I can’t go to the store and pick up a journal with a whole story behind it because when she chooses it, she has a reason. She made a choice to pick that color and that size for me. It makes having those items a lot more special instead of me just popping in a store and picking up a thing that was on sale.

I’m way more eager to write more too because of how much love is filled in it.” – Taylor, Boston, 32

Non-Cheesy Matching Present Ideas for Two

Now that you know what not to get your significant other as a Valentine’s gift, you’re probably wondering what you should get. Safe in price and purpose, these options are the faultless unisex presents that are fit for any occasion – their purpose goes beyond their use for holiday only.

Our top pics items are perfect for gay couples, newlyweds, spouses married for many years, or lovers dating just a few months. Here are some tailored, timeless, and smart options:

1. Matching Apple Watch Bands

If you and your partner have apple symbolWatches, this is the perfect choise that is both cute and practical. A leather strap is ideal for dressing up or dressing down and can even come in different leather and thread colors if you prefer green and your partner prefers blue. These straps also come in diverse styles, so that you can be matching but not too on the nose, as well.

photo of pocket italian leather journal - brown

Real leather watch straps:

  • Single, double wrap or custom made cuff watch band
  • Leather type: Italian, Horween, Shell Cordovan or Caiman
  • Colors: Red, Brown, Natural, Green, Blue, Black, Chestnut

This is fun if you and your partner already use your watches in tandem. Some couples love to track each other’s activity to promote health and wellness in friendly competition. This band would be another way you could look down at your watch and appreciate the person you have by your side.  

2. Hobby/Work Aprons

If you and your crush are creatives or working professionals who constantly have your hands dirty, a durable apron could be the best personalized, yet functional, present. Woodworkers, servers, bartenders, sculptors, florists, barbeque-ers and more will love not just opening this, but also wearing it every time they go to participate in their craft.

photo of extra large notebook in crazy horse leather cover

canvas & leather apron:

  • Materials: Crazy Horse leather + Canvas
  • Personalization (initials or logo): Available

While you’re working, you still want to feel confident in what you’re wearing, so a sleek apron would tie that in, along with your shared adoration for one another. You can choose the same color leather to match through and through, or you can choose two separate ones that way you share the same sentiment but not match completely. This is the perfect way to look down at what you’re wearing while you’re working and be reminded of the love you share at home and during every moment of the day.

3. Pair Leather Journals

Whether you’re married, engaged, or simply dating for a few months, if there is one thing that ties you to your partner, it’s time. Over the course of your relationship, you will share habits and common memories, and to always remember even the small moments, writing them down in a notebook can be beneficial.

Gifting your partner a journal is a sweet way of wanting to remember every second and encouraging a closer bond through written word. It can be a way to say, “Let’s start over,” or even “Let’s write our story.”

photo of horween a5 leather journal case - natural

Journal Specifications:

  • Size (inch): 5.71x8.27
  • Number of pages: 121
  • Refillable: Yes
  • Paper type: Lined
  • Leather: Horween Dublin

You can use your journals independently or in unison – it is up to you. It will spark communication and a shared foundation between the two of you, and every time your partner looks at the notebook, they will be reminded of you and your love. It can be the perfect give to write love letters with for one another, or you can even choose to swap the journals when all the pages are filled. They can be dedicated to the other partner filled with memories, tales of love, notes of admirations or anecdotes of future dreams.

4. Funny Pair Aprons

Are you and your partner equal parts dedicated to your craft and humor? Are you not afraid to get your hands dirty and tell a dirty joke or two, too? An apron with a funny saying on it will be the perfect gift for you and your companion, based on this one at olpr.

Similar to the apron listed before, it’s the perfect way to be reminded of your love during the course of a busy workday. With a funny saying, it can also brighten up any challenging moment, especially when the joke was hand-picked for you by someone you love.

photo of pocket italian leather journal - cream

Cute aprons:

  • For people with great sense of humor
  • Cool prints
  • Designs for two in love are available

5. Belt Bags - Romantic but Practical

If you and your spouse are a trendy couple who love to be fashion-forward, a leather belt bag will be perfect. It’s versatile in the sense that you can wear it around your waist or across torso to free your hands and arms – a super excuse to sneak in a few extra hugs.

Fanny packs are a wonderful unisex present and are gaining in popularity. You don’t even have to worry about jumping on the fashion trend, then it going out of style in a year or two. Belt bags have been around since the 80s and have pursued among audiences.

A sleek leather one in a standard black, neutral blush park or daring blue can be given in an even more personalized manner. While you can choose to have the same color as your partner, a different color can complement the other so that it’s still personal but also subtly matching.

photo of pocket italian leather journal - cream

Fashionable unisex bags:

  • Durable & will last for many years
  • Unisex design
  • Complements practically every men's/women's outfit

Why Practical Presents for Older Couples and Young People

“I really hate cheesy gifts because I never enjoy them after I open the box. It’s all sweet and cute at first, but the longer I have it, the more I don’t appreciate it. I had a bunch of stuffed animals my boyfriend got me on my couch, but I got really bored of them and hated how childish it made my room look.

I felt bad about throwing them away because for some reason it felt like I was trying to throw away our love, which is obviously not my intention. So, I just shoved them under my bed that way if he ever asks about them, I still have them.

They’re just not something I enjoy anymore. Spending a little extra effort and thought on a present goes a long way for me. So that’s what I always try to do for him now.” – Hunter, 23, New York City

What’s wonderful about these 5 top pics of couple gifts is that they will stand the test of time and remain beautiful for years to come.

The choices can also become cool ideas for upcoming Valentine’s Day or celebrations, whether that may be for an anniversary, engagement, birthday, or any religious holiday.

What’s most important is that these are couple gifts that keep on giving. Instead of a stuffed bear that’s cute in the moment, you and your partner will not only look stylish but feel good every time you go to enjoy these presents.

Thought is what romantic occassion should be all about. Although it can be stressful when you can’t seem to make a dinner reservation because restaurants are already booked or you just can’t find the right card that perfectly describes your appreciation for your partner, finding the right gift doesn’t have to be the stressful part.

All it takes is knowing your loved one, what they may want or need, and sharing that with them so they say how much closer you want to become.


As you head into the season of love, remember that choosing something special should be personal, functional and cherished for longer than the night. Leather goods are a great way to show that you care without breaking the bank or going cheap on the present.

They’re tasteful, classic and personalized. And when it is picked for you and your love, it becomes all the more valuable. Keep them forever and pass these gifts down to further generations to continue the tales of your love.

Last updated: Dec 5, 2020

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