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Shop now for fully customized leather journals with your name (monogrammed initials or engraved logo) from olpr. These leather notebooks and covers are handcrafted in the USA using the highest-quality American or Italian leather and durable stitching.
Every leather journal is a unique one-off item because no two hides are alike. The full-grain leather used for crafting is solid and durable. It will last a lifetime and only get better with age.
Each cover comes with one ruled or dotted paper journal insert that can be reused with a new journal of the same size. Covers come in many leather colors, and the large selection of colorful stitching allows you to create a design that will suit your style and needs.


Just as the leather journal you choose contains multitudes — ideas, memories, stories waiting to be told — we encourage you to make it an extension of your unique self. Add a personal engraving to the cover: your initials, a poignant line of poetry, or an anniversary date to commemorate. This one-of-a-kind touch transforms an already particular object into a genuinely priceless heirloom.


While the digital world is fleeting, professional journals from olpr are made to last and even be passed down through generations to preserve memories on their pages. We use eco-friendly materials and techniques, such as vegetable-tanned leather and handcrafted products. Our leather covers will delight you time and again. This is our way of ensuring that your words and your values live on.


1. A large collection of notebooks (over 100) for every taste: There's something for everyone, from extra small pocket journals for work or gifts to expansive padfolios for travel or inspiration.
2. Superior Craftsmanship: It is meticulously handmade using premium leather (American or Italian leather), ensuring a lasting elegance.
3. Uniqueness in every piece: thanks to the individuality of hides, every journal is a singular piece of art.
4. Acid-free: We use acid-free paper in journals - the paper does not deteriorate, as it does not contain components that lead to brittleness and fading.
5. Personalization: Choose your journal size, style, and color from various options. Personalize the journal with a monogrammed initials or engraved logo of your choice.
6. Customer satisfaction: our track record gleams with 99% positive reviews.
7. Fast Production and Delivery: We deliver products as quickly as possible - throughout the USA and worldwide;
8. Handcrafted in the USA - Mooresville, NC 28117.


Our leather notebook covers are crafted by Pavlo Prannyk, a master artisan based in Mooresville, USA. Pavlo's commitment to quality ensures that every piece echoes unmatched craftsmanship. Olpr products showcase the true beauty of full-grain leather by utilizing its natural "imperfections," creases, and marks. It is a purchase and experience, with each leather notebook telling a unique tale.

Bulk Order Advantage: Exceptional prices and quantity discounts are available for bulk orders.