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Small Leather Journals

Small Leather Journals are a handy accessory that is a bit old-fashioned but still very popular with travel enthusiasts and those who prefer writing down their thoughts and ideas rather than downloading special software to their gadgets. Journals can be taken with you while going on a trip or setting off hiking.

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Our store offers a wide assortment of personally designed mini journals suitable for all tastes and demands. They can also be used as a personal diary to save your memories and feelings about the best moments in your life. We are aimed at ensuring that you get durable products made from the best-quality leather and matching all the standards of quality. It’s time to treat yourself with a luxury gift by ordering a leather-made mini journal on our website.


Wholesale Small Leather Journals by olpr.


We give our customers the opportunity to enjoy all the benefits of doing shopping at our store. We offer a range of the most durable and high-quality mini journals existing on the market. All the journals presented in our collections are made in USA, which stands for unique design, exclusive choice of materials and only premium-quality leather that is used in the process of production. You can now buy top-quality leather products online, while the prices for our wholesale goods will pleasantly surprise you.

By offering a wholesale of mini journals, we give our customers a chance to get the best product at the best price rates. We also provide the infinity of choices because it is up to you to decide what decorative features you wish to add to your journal. You can also get such products as a moleskin journal cover for your new mini journal. Check out the following list of benefits that our customers can get when ordering bespoke journals from olpr.:

 Truly American quality because all our products are manufactured in the US;
• The best pricing during wholesale for you to get what you need without any excess fees;
 Refillable stock of handmade accessories at your disposal;
 Ability to order decorative features to add a special touch to your small journal.


    Personalized Small Leather Journals 


    Our manufacturing executive staff can personalize your mini journal by adding special features to its design. This includes the following options:

     Choosing the color of threads which the journal will be embellished with;
     Selecting a laser engraving feature to add a large writing or a big-sized logotype to your journal;
     Embossing is available in Arial 5 mm font;
     3 embossed letters can be added free of charge.


      We customize each product upon request from our clients. If you want your journal to be monogrammed or have some other exclusive features, you can easily get what you need by letting us know what you want to receive as a result. All our products are manufactured with the use of the best-quality full-grain leather, which means that the end product will last for many years of continuous use bringing you many pleasant moments and only positive emotions. We are pretty sure that handcrafted small leather journals can also become a perfect gift for your beloved ones as they can be customized according to the preferences of the end user.


      Why Choose Our Custom Mini Journals?


      A journal is a French word that means “daily”. As it becomes clear from its name, it is designed to keep your daily events, feelings, and emotions in order and save your best memories about the most important events in your life. Our personalized leather journals can be ordered with the help of a few simple steps. The completion of an order usually takes only a couple of days. After the production process is finished, you’ll get your small journal within a short while. We can organize international shipment to almost any European country upon request. The delivery process across the USA takes only 2-3 days, while international shipment may take up to 2 weeks in total.


      Best Price Guaranteed


      You can now order a stylish mini (small) journal with a full set of additional features such as embossing or engraving that will add an extra touch to the end product. At the same time, our small (mini) journal wholesale allows you to get exactly what you need at a reduced price. That’s because we are aimed at achieving ultimate customer satisfaction. All our products are made from top-class Horween leather that is light, durable and soft. That’s the key reason why our journals remain a number one choice as a perfect gift or just as a personal accessory for future use during traveling or hiking.


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