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Leather Duffle Bags

Are you looking for a luxurious leather duffle bag customized for your personal needs? Then you’ve found the right place to get one. Bags have a great variety of uses. They can be used for travel, business, gym, recreation and various other purposes. We offer the best custom made leather weekender bags at the best price rates.

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photo of crazy horse leather duffle bag - chocolateimage of mens duffel bag chocolate
Crazy Horse Leather Duffle Bag - Chocolate
Regular price$350.00
    photo of horween leather duffle bag - blueblue leather duffel bag photo
    Horween Leather Duffle Bag - Blue
    Regular price$1,200.00
    photo of horween leather duffle bag - naturalimage of mens duffel bag natural
    Horween Leather Duffle Bag - Natural
    Regular price$1,200.00

    You can now purchase a monogrammed and high-quality duffel bag made from the best quality leather. All products in this category should be ordered in advance, but the good thing is that you’ll get an absolutely unique bag with all the special features in place. If you still have any doubts, simply check out our collection of handmade leather duffle bags to make the right choice.


    Features and Benefits of Custom Made Leather Weekender Bags by olpr.


    By ordering leather duffle bags from olpr., every customer gains full access to a great number of benefits such as the ones described below:


    Handcrafted in the USA


    The best thing about ordering bags from our website is the fact that you will get truly American quality at the best price. That’s because all our custom leather duffle bags are designed and made in USA as the process of manufacturing takes place in our workshop, so you can be fully confident that you’ll get the best-quality goods produced in the USA. All our bags are made from the most durable leather being manufactured with close attention to every detail.


    Quality of Leather


    One of the best features of our custom made leather weekender bags is the quality of the material they are produced from. We use only the best full-grain Horween leather produced by one of the oldest leather manufacturers – Horween Leather Company. The word “full-grain” means that we use only premium-level luxury leather that has excellent characteristics and proves to be one of the priciest materials existing on the market.


    Quick Delivery


    Our handcrafted leather bags with personalized design features are produced within a period of two weeks, while the delivery takes only 2-3 working days if you are a resident of the US. At the same time, we can customize and deliver our personally designed leather bags to almost any European country within the period of 14 days. This means that you will not have to wait for too long to get a stylish bag you have ordered.


    Quick Production


    Our store offers the infinity of choices in relation to the designs of leather bags we can produce. We provide users with a chance to buy top-quality and highly durable handbags made from superior material. What’s more, we guarantee quick production of your customized leather bag. Our manufacturing executive personnel guarantees that your handbag will be produced within a period of only two weeks, which means that you will quickly get the duffel bag you have ordered without waiting for too long.


    Handmade Women's & Men's Leather Duffle Bags


    If you are wondering whether we can complete a special order such as changing the color of your bag and making it a fully customized product not like the ones presented in our catalog, the answer will be “YES”. We guarantee that we can personalize leather luggage bags with engraved letters or other embellishments that will make your bag truly exclusive.

    We provide our customers with an opportunity to order a unique bespoke bag that will suit your tastes and preferences. It is possible to add engraving or embossing to the leather bag of your choice, which means you can add customized features to your handbag with ease. Up to three letters can be engraved in Arial 5 mm font absolutely free of charge. As for engravings, they are made only if you wish to print a big-sized logotype or large letters on your handbag. Our custom personalized bags can be added with any decorative features you find necessary. You can be confident that your order will be handled by our professionals with much care and attention because our major priority is to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

    At olpr., you can also find a wide assortment of other types of bags to suit your personal taste. Order a customized leather handbag online and get an exclusive item shortly after you place an order.