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Menu Covers

Sophisticated and modern menu covers are a handsome addition to your services. Serving as a handmade touch, the leather is of the highest quality. Made in the USA from local materials, take pride in shopping shop. Order leather or leather and wood menu cover in different colors and sizes. 

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Classy and Cool, These Menu Covers Cover It All

Add an enhanced layer of quality to your service.

These menu covers are custom-made for the dimensions needed by clients. There are numerous menu holder designs to choose from to fit any occasion. While some are hardcover, others are soft. Regardless, all leather menu covers are made to last.

In addition, different colors are also available. Tan, deep brown, yellow, and green are only some examples to choose from. The sleek design has wooden elements, serving an even more quality appearance. For additional personalization, logo engraving is available for an additional charge.

The real, authentic leather doesn’t only look nice. Sturdy and durable, it also looks expensive. You just don’t have to pay that price to have gorgeous covers.

This product is great for restaurants, bars, barbershops, and more. Customizing the covers to reflect your service’s values helps achieve your desired style.

Different binding options are also available to fit your needs. While some are 6-ring binders, others have sleeves. Another option is an elastic band enclosure that allows for easy refilling. There’s even a clipboard-style option for simpler menus. All these covers are well-made with tight and smooth stitching.

To make matters even better, discounts are available on bulk orders. The menu covers are made to order in 1-2 weeks, dependent on the requested quantity.

Menu covers show that you’re willing to put the extra mile for your services. The laminated paper needs to be left in the past. What customers care about now is the product and the experience. If they wanted a cheap experience, they would stay home. Impress them from the beginning of their experience until the end using leather menu covers.

Bar and Restaurant Menu Covers - The Benefits of Leather Menu Covers from olpr.

1. Best quality leathers
2. the US made from local materials
3. Menus with custom dimensions up to client needs
4. Many types of menu covers to choose from: menus for restaurants, bars, cafes
5. Colors available
6. Logo engraving
7. Real leather is very durable
8. Leather menus are expensive but look gorgeous
9. Bulk discounts
10. Made to order within 1-2 weeks (depends on requested quantity)