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All You Need to Know About Hermes Watch Bands

Let’s be honest, just as many people think about astrology when they about a Hermes watch strap for the first time. It’s true, Hermes is a famous luxury lifestyle brand but as you may know, this is also the Roman name for “Mercury” and the Greek god of luck, fertility, travel and trade.

But what does all this mean to you?

Well, aside from the famous Olympian God, Hermes has long been associated with watches and in recent times, this exclusive brand was the subject of attention for creators of the Apple Watch.

As it turns out, the Apple Watch has since undergone a mind blowing makeover with the Hermes watch strap bringing a new level of sophistication and authenticity to this digital masterpiece.

With this in mind, let’s take a quick look at the origin of the brand and why Hermes watch bands are suddenly the biggest deal since the selfie:

The history of Hermes Watch Strap

Hermes is a family run business and quite an unusual story in sense that the brand retained its status as a luxury brand throughout the previous century. In other words, when many brands were scrambling to lower their prices or costs during difficult times, it was business as usual for Hermes who continued to focus on quality as opposed to diluting the overall process.

Anyway, this long and prestigious history has meant that Hermes is considered an especially unique brand of watch. In fact, throughout the years, the brand has partnered with many famous watch makers to produce elegant specimens that most often end up as expensive collector items.

For example, Hermes has come a long way since making the first wrist watch in 1912 and entering full scale watch production fourteen years later. In fact, there are now three separate collections - Arceau, Cape Cod and Carré H – with double straps and certain themes offering a slightly different elegance to each one.

Apple + Hermes = Apple Watch with Hermes Watch Strap

Now, Hermes watches are still considered the more elegant or exclusive of the two but the Hermes watch strap most certainly give the Apple Watch a renewed touch of class. For many people, this has also transformed how they saw the watch in the first place as with these bold and beautiful straps, the Apple Watch seems to be a much better fit for every occasion.

That is to say, the straps bring a certain elegance that make the Apple Hermes Watch collection suitable for special occasions. On the other hand, the modern face ensure it remains an urban accessory with a distinctly different personality to most other watches.

With this in mind, it should come as no surprise that the Hermes watch strap is the main differentiator and possibly an even bolder message that quality will often outlive the test of time.

Our Fascination with Hermes Watch Bands

When Hermes first signed up with Apple to create the collection, it was said that parallel thinking was a major motivation behind the partnership. In many ways, this expression rings true in the bold and colorful Hermes watch bands in particular. Of course, the watch face is also attractive but the truth is, the Hermes watch strap brings a real sense of sophistication to the watch.

Needless to say, this was what really captured our attention when we first decided to recreateleather apple watch bandshere at our humble family workshop. 

Hermes watch bands are just about the most impressive that you will find on any watch. What’s more, they are different and a lot more noticeable with the unmistakable character they bring to the table.

But can you afford one? Well, that’s the next question….

Introducing the More “Affordable” Watch Strap

At olpr., we love technology like the Apple Watch, but we especially appreciate the quality of fine leather, style or fashion and when they successfully integrate with this kind of technology.

With this in mind, we create our own watch bands from the highest quality of Horween Leather and they look and feel like the original. At least we want to believe in this :)

What’s more, we reduce the asking price to help more customers afford them and for this reason, you have a watch strap just like this beautiful collectors item and some cash left over for your efforts.

About the Single Strap and Double Wrap Strap

Now, you might also want to know more about the two styles available for our watch straps – the Single Strap and Double Wrap Watch Band.

Firstly, you have the Double Wrap which straps twice around the wrist and has a very smooth finish. Of course, it also looks pretty sleek and the material is 100% Horween leather like the original. Featuring intricate stitching and simplistic design, this is such a unique product which blends seamlessly with the Apple Watch in every possible way.

As the name suggests, the single strap is a very secure and snug fit which is every bit as stylish yet somewhat less in terms of tone. In other words, the product is obviously one less strap than the Double Wrap but just as impressive.

Finally, when it comes to customization, we also have you covered, for our watch straps are available in many colors including brown, blue, green, black and chestnut. You can change the color of stitching on these bands too and the end result is truly impressive.

It’s true, so many people think about Greek Gods and astrology when they first hear about Hermes but as you now know, there’s more than a few reasons to pick up one of these elegant watch straps and now you have another one – you can afford one!

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