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Leather Dopp Kits

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Benefits of Handmade Dopp Kits

Beautiful handmade leather dopp kits are practical in mens and womens accessories. They are handy for traveling as well as useful in everyday life. 

Toiletries kit can help ladies gather all their makeup, whereas for gentlemen it’s perfect shaving accouterments storage. However, there are many more uses. Whatever small items you need to store, dopp kit can suit the purpose.

Personalized dopp can become a great present. Monogrammed or engraved in a particular way, leather toiletry bags will reflect personal tastes and preferences of its owner. Also, such dopkit always stands out. No doubt, full grain leather tote will attract attention, making people around want something similar.

Buying a custom leather toiletry bag is obtaining an addition to your lifestyle. Horween leather adds a feel of luxury and reflects the creativity of designer ideas. Make your routine more interesting with customized handmade dopp bags.

How to Choose A Toiletry Bag

There are many different models and sizes of dopp kits. They can be small, medium, large and extra-large. To choose the most appropriate size, you need to know how many items will be stored in it.

For classic lovers we offer black color dopp kits, brown bags will please the taste of those who love universal goods, colored leather will amaze original tastes.

When picking a toiletry bag for traveling, consider the size of your luggage. If you prefer comfort hanging dopp kit might be the best option. For carry-on travelers small one is better. For home usage, the size should be based on where you will keep your toiletry bag.

Remember, convenience is the most important consideration here.

Whatever needs you have, perfect leather dopp kit made in USA is waiting for you!


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