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Leather bags are the unsung heroes of the bag collection. Despite being made for different uses, they are among the most fashionable and chic-designed bags to own. Some leather bags are classic, while others are also compact and stylish. The best leather bags for women fit seamlessly into every occasion.

Below are the best leather bags for women. You can choose the one that perfectly suits your needs. This list considers several factors, including functionality, style, and durability.


best leather bags for women

1. Milwaukee Leather Julia Tote Bag Natural Is the Perfect Travel Bag

This leather travel bag is made of Milwaukee leather and keeps the classic natural color. It features an elegant yet, sleek look on the outside and has several inner pockets. The tote gives you enough room for all your essentials. It has a stylish design that makes it easy to switch from a travel bag at the airport to an office bag for a meeting.

This large leather bag has a key carabiner and is secured with a magnetic snap. It serves as a great leather laptop bag. You can also use your leather tote bag as a work-to-gym bag. That way, you can head up to the gym after closing hours without having to show up at work with a gym bag.

Julia Tote Bag Specifications:

  • Milwaukee leather
  • Natural leather color
  • Zip closure
  • Thoroughly handcrafted
  • Universal and comfortable in use
Tote Bag
leather Tote Bag
Tote Bag - natural color
  • It has a fabulous look that makes you stand out from others
  • Closed with zippers to ensure security
  • Entirely handcrafted with top craftsmanship
  • Resistant to dirt and liquids
  • Easy to use daily
  • Personalization is not available
  • Leather is untouched, so wrinkles and scars might be visible

2. Milwaukee Leather Tote Bag Natural Is the Perfect Handbag Size

The brown leather tote bags are ideal for all your day-to-day activities. They are small enough to be carried around easily and have enough room to contain your essential items.

The bag has several lined interior pockets and magnetic snap closure. Milwaukee Leather Tote Bag Natural is your stylish companion to carry around on all your adventures.

Tote Bag Specifications:


  • Milwaukee leather
  • Natural leather color
  • Magnetic snap closure
  • Thoroughly handcrafted
  • Interior pocket
  • Universal and comfortable in use
leather tote bags for women
leather totte bag open
green tote leather bag
  • Handmade from quality Milwaukee leather
  • Requires no special care
  • It is longer lasting
  • Has a waxy finish to give it a great feel
  • It has supple and soft leather
  • Naturally resistant to water
  • It feels stiff initially but gets softer over time

3. Milwaukee Leather Hobo Bag Natural Is Stylish to Compliment Your Outfit

The Milwaukee leather hobo bag shows that your leather laptop bags can be stylish. With its 21-inch shoulder strap, it is perfect for any occasion. You can use the natural leather hobo bag for casual and official outings.

Hobo Bag Specifications:


  • Milwaukee leather
  • Natural color
  • Magnetic snap closure
  • Durable inner lining
  • One zip pocket and two open top pockets
  • Handmade for durability and strength
  • 21 inches shoulder strap
leather hobo bags for women
 Leather Hobo Bag
hobo bag - blue
  • Handmade in the US from high-quality Italian leather
  • Its durable leather is resistant to color fading
  • Has a unique rugged look
  • Its natural color matches every outfit perfectly
  • Can be personalized as desired
  • It may come with wrinkles and other imperfections

4. Soft Leather Belt Bag Brown Is the Best Bag for Fun Outings

This soft leather belt bag has all the features to guarantee a lovely day out. It features a simple and easy-to-use design that instantly makes you fall in love with it. It comes with adjustable straps to switch up your look. The belt bag is the perfect choice for those seeking a leather purse with style.

Belt Bag Specifications:


  • Made from adorable handmade floater leather
  • Comes in a brown colour
  • 2 zipped pockets with durable lining
  • Fashionable bag design that should work well with ust about any kind of look you go for.
  • Adjustable strap
Leather Belt Bag Brown
Leather Belt Bag
Belt Bag
  • Made from high-quality leather that guarantees durability
  • Has two zipped pockets with lining to carry all your items.
  • Stylish patterns to match any look
  • Has an adjustable strap that allows you to wear it however you want
  • Perfect for everyday use
  • No room to carry large items
  • Personalization is not available

5. Italian Leather Owl Bag Red is the Most Versatile Leather Bag

If you are looking for one leather that satisfies multiple needs, then the Italian leather owl bag is your top choice. You can use it as a cosmetic bag to carry your makeup. Adding the straps that come with it will turn it into a chic shoulder bag or backpack.

Owl Bag Specifications:


  • Italian leather
  • Durable stitching
  • Cosmetic bag
  • Backpack
  • Shoulder bag
  • Handmade in the USA
leather bags for women
italian leather bags for women
Leather Owl Bag
  • Handcrafted from premium quality leather
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Long-lasting and forms a unique vintage look over time
  • You can personalize it to your desired taste
  • It has an option to add straps and card inserts
  • It might initially feel uncomfortable to touch

6. Soft Leather Round Bag Sphere Blue Has the Perfect Shape

When going for style, you might end up stuck on the shape of the bag you should choose. You can never go wrong with this blue round leather bag. Asides from the fact that the soft leather round sphere blue bag looks gorgeous, it is very compact. It's a perfect leather bag to rock whenever you don't have a lot of things to carry around. t

There are times when it seems as if you have been carrying the same leather purse around. Picking up one of these will give you a dazzling look you desire.

Tote Bag Specifications:


  • Comes with a pair of internal pockets on a magnetic snap closure finish
  • Durable lining will ensure that everything inside is protected from damage
  • Made from durable, timeless leather
  • Impressive pair of compartments ensures easy storage of little essentials you need
  • The cool blue color that gives a unique look
  • Handcrafted from high-quality soft floater leather
  • It has two inner pockets secured with a magnetic snap closure
  • Sophisticated design that stands out from everything else
  • No form of personalization is available
  • Can be pretty small for specific uses


It might be pretty challenging to settle on a single one with so many choices available. So, how do you choose the perfect leather bag for yourself? While you are considering other features, here are the most important ones to look out for:

  • The Materials That Make Up the Bag

It is always worth it to invest in durable bags made from quality leather. The material from which the bag is made determines its lifespan. Ensure that the lining of the pockets and the zippers will last as long as the leather. Also, confirm if the leather fades with time.

  • The Functions of The Bag

One of the reasons why several leather bags are out there is that we have different needs. If you carry a lot of things for work, you should invest in work leather bags for women with a lot of inside pockets to tuck away all your stuff. You might also need to get a bag that organizes your things so that you can easily reach them.

If you don't move around with many work things, then a bag for work with a single pocket may be enough for you to keep essentials. College students usually go for totes because of their versatility and durability.

  • Closure Features

You would be surprised to see that some bags for women come with a closure that is not neatly done or secure. At the same time, some bags come with rumpled closures. It is worthwhile to get a bag that has a zipper or magnet snap theft-proof closure.


The top leather bags for women are fashionable as they are durable and spacious. When planning on purchasing your next leather bag, you must consider the factors above. This will ensure that you get a durable bag that matches your style and is equally comfortable!

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