Leather Tote Bags

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Leather tote bags for everything you need to carry and keep on hand. Bringing groceries, a makeup bag, a small umbrella, books, or diaries is all easy with a tote bag. They are handmade in the USA from quality genuine leather and come in a variety of styles.

Using a roomy leather tote bag is a timeless trend. Classic black, versatile brown, original blue, or delicate beige - they are for every taste and need. A functional crossbody bag is always a great choice. A sturdy bag with a top handle will be the best option for school, work, or travel.


Olpr. produces women's tote bags in a variety of colors - red, tan, white, blue, gray, and pink. The leather tote isn't small, but it's not too big either, just comfortable, and lightweight for every day.

Browse the site to find the most effective designs. Check out the assortment of attractive women's tote bags at an affordable prices.

Can't decide on one? Consider the basic facts to help you make your decision:

- Purpose. If you need a bag for work, school, shopping, or other activities, think about the items you'll be carrying. The company offers a variety of sizes, and you can choose colors to suit your needs

- Cost. Soft leather bags are available in a variety of price ranges. However, frequent sales and price reductions can help you get a quality item at a bargain price.


It can be difficult to find a medium-sized bag that goes with all outfits. Every lady knows that accessories must complement the outfit to create a balanced look. The Longchamp leather bag is a versatile style, but not a cliché.

It blends well with formal and casual wear, harmoniously complementing the overall image. An essential plus is that each tote is unique. After all, it is handmade and has a natural leather pattern. You will become the owner of a one-of-a-kind item that always looks fashionable.


During production, we pay special attention to each bag to ensure the best service and quality. By shopping at olp. you get:

- Natural materials (Horween leather, Floater);
- Fast delivery;
- Quality workmanship;
- Different styles (classic, modern, urban, etc.);
- Made in the USA.