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How to Clean Leather Watch Band

The modern world offers people an increasing number of new technologies and innovative options. However, some things remain the same. What do we mean? Wearing a high-quality watch has always been a sign of luxury and respect.

Also an important thing about a wristwatch is its convenience and simplicity. Why do you need to know this? The international statistics show that an increasing number of people are still wearing watches and regularly buying new pieces. So, it means you need to have proper knowledge not only about wearing, but also cleaning of the item.

What Is Horween Leather?

What happens when you get a quality watch? You start searching for quality bands, while Horween leather watch strap may be a great choice. Great news! Browse olpr. website to find an impressive variety of quality and up-to-date bands.

The main specification of the company is top-quality Horween leather used for all the items. Look! The main specification of this leather type is the natural way of its tanning. Genuine leather features exceptional quality and is tanned without any chemicals, but following vegetable-tanning.

Why Does Leather Require Special Care?

What do you already know about leather watch strap care? You are just confident it is modern, elegant and perfect, no matter what profession or business you have. But, the thing is that quality leather requires daily care. Striving to keep the bands durable and looking good, you need to find effective techniques how to clean leather watch straps.

It is as easy as ABC, just ensure you have a necessary conditioner and you know how to wash the item. Only the basic knowledge is inevitable so that you can avoid water stains on leather or similar damages, enhancing the longevity and durability of the Horween leather band. 

Cleaning Leather Watch Straps

Considering the lifespan of the leather watch band? Follow simple recommendations to clean leather watch band and keep it looking good and serving you long.
  • Take the strap off the watch. That is one of the most important steps that may protect your watch from unwanted damage;
  • Wipe dirty leather. Remove all the debris and grainy dirt, especially the ones that may scratch the surface and damage the band;
  • Wash the strap with soap. Thorough cleaning is yet to come. Use gentle soap and water to get rid of all the stains. Important! Do not use a scrub as it can damage the skin;
  • Rinse the strap and let it dry. After you have done the cleaning, remove the remnants of the soap and leave the band to get dried.
  • Apply leather conditioner. This is the best way to remove smell from band and keep the achieved result.

How to Get Smell Out of Leather Watch Band

The band is clean, but the smell is still bad, isn’t it? Looking for effective methods how to get smell out? The formula of success is exceptionally simple: follow daily care tips and wash the band regularly. Moreover, a special conditioner will help you remove an unpleasant smell.

Everyday Measures Leather Watch Band

It is better to prevent that deal with consequences. The rule works everywhere and the watch band is not an exception. Even though Horween leather is exceptionally resilient to outside forces, it requires minimal daily care. Clean the colored straps carefully, apply the conditioner and watch its condition to eliminate possible problems and improve the longevity of the item.

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