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Glass Terrariums

Glass terrariums are sealable containers that have soil for plants inside. Just a few years ago, it was considered just great planter for cactus or succulent. Nowadays it is irreplaceable piece in home decor as well as interior accessory.

Wondering where to buy quality geometric glass terrarium which will decorate your home? olpr. is a solution again!

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Small House Glass Terrarium Small House Glass Terrarium
Small House Glass Terrarium
Regular price$35.00
Glass Business Card Holder Glass Business Card Holder
Glass Business Card Holder
Regular price$39.00
Geometric Glass Ring Box Mini Geometric Glass Ring Box Mini
Geometric Glass Ring Box Mini
Regular price$33.00
Geometric Glass Ring Box Geometric Glass Ring Box
Geometric Glass Ring Box
Regular price$39.00
Stained Glass Ring Box Stained Glass Ring Box
Stained Glass Ring Box
Regular price$34.00
Geometric Glass Vase Geometric Glass Vase
Geometric Glass Vase
Regular price$39.00


Collaborating with Leosklo, we offer a variety of stylish, hanging florariums. Every glass globe is handcrafted individually in accordance with customer preferences. Online store offers only durable glass hanging planters that highlight not only exquisite style but also unique design of every house.

Terrarium bowls by olpr. are made from top-quality materials which help preserve pristine look and luxury view of original materials.

Need a custom bowl planter in apartment or office? Browse our website to find most exclusive glass plant terrariums Besides, a personally designed terrarium kit will be a memorable gift for a friend or relative.

Custom Terrariums for Sale

While everything is clear about custom made terrariums, there is only question that bothers customers – their price. Browsing popular platforms, it is possible to get cheap globes. So, why should you pay more for same accessory? 

Well, if you have a look at other goods and compare them with our items, it is easy to find many differences. Firstly, all accessories at olpr. are unique, individually handcrafted for every client. Thus, what you get is an exclusive item no one else has.

Benefits of Buying from olpr.

Unique terrariums at a competitive cost are not only advantage offered by olpr. Buying here, one will enjoy different up-to-date service features you cannot find elsewhere. Here are some most appreciated peculiarities about shopping with us:

Quality. When it comes to handmade glass products quality is an indispensable point that is highly valued. olpr. guarantees the durability of all goods, as they are all made in USA in accordance with innovative technologies and contemporary tendencies;

Assortment. With a wide models range, every client will find one that suit their interior at home or office. Customer can choose from mini or small to large size and go for different shapes – teardrop, round, rectangular, sphere, ball, box. Browse the store, opt for interesting item and place your order;

Payment methods. The client gets an opportunity to pay for product using preferable payment system they choose at checkout. So, no delays, no problems, no complications;

Cost. Transparent, reasonable and competitive costs are guaranteed. The items are 100% worth the cost;

Ordering process. Contact executive team to bespoke desired products and discuss details;

Discounts. Watch for price reductions that regularly appear on website. Additionally, you can get a house terrarium for sale in corresponding category.