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Leather Hides

The modern market is currently overwhelmed with the most different types and forms of leather hides for sale. The increasing popularity of the item enhanced the sales of the product and stimulates the stores to increase the assortment. Unique options, from small to large and from black to purple are offered at olpr. The platform provides customers with an exceptional opportunity to buy leather hide of high quality.

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Crazy Horse Leather Hide - Brown - olpr.Crazy Horse Leather Hide - Brown - olpr.
Crazy Horse Leather Hide - Brown
Regular price$140.00
Crazy Horse Leather Hide - Chocolate - olpr.Crazy Horse Leather Hide - Chocolate - olpr.
Crazy Horse Leather Hide - Chocolate
Regular price$140.00
Crazy Horse Leather Hide - Green - olpr.Crazy Horse Leather Hide - Green - olpr.
Crazy Horse Leather Hide - Green
Regular price$140.00
Crazy Horse Leather Hide - Navy - olpr.Crazy Horse Leather Hide - Navy - olpr.
Crazy Horse Leather Hide - Navy
Regular price$140.00
Crazy Horse Leather Hide - Red - olpr.Crazy Horse Leather Hide - Red - olpr.
Crazy Horse Leather Hide - Red
Regular price$140.00
Crazy Horse Leather Hide - Wheat - olpr.Crazy Horse Leather Hide - Wheat - olpr.
Crazy Horse Leather Hide - Wheat
Regular price$140.00

Following the statistics of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, the demand and, correspondingly, the production of horse leather hides has significantly grown in recent years. They are used in different areas, just as vintage décor for your living room or a beautiful, old-looking item for an office.


Features and Benefits of Leather Hides from olpr.


While the online market offers an unlimited number of DIV instructions how to create a cheap item made from leather hide, OLPR provides its clients with an exclusive opportunity to buy high-quality full grain leather hide for sale.

The most different types, forms, and shapes of hides are available, giving you a chance to satisfy all the aesthetic desires.

So, basically, what you get depends on what you are looking for. However, options differ much and include several key ones:


  • • All the hides are fully natural, made from the skins of cattle;
  • • The leather hide store offers one-piece skins with no bounds;
  • • To achieve cool results and produce luxury hides, the company applies wax to the leather to create an excellent effect. Little rubs and scratches will change the appearance and shade of the material;
  • • Lined and unlined hides are available, so a customer may choose the one, suiting his/her needs and purposes;
  • • Before you choose full-grain leather hides to buy, you need to consider the purpose of their use, as the final result will depend on the texture of the used material;
  • • The average size of the hide is 22 sq. ft., which will be enough for any purpose.
  • • Leather for sale in all sizes and colors
  •  Wholesale leather hides & retail leather hides.


A Range of Full Grain Leather Hides


Striving to meet all the customers’ requirements, olpr. offers a wide range of options. Buying leather hides, you can choose the color and leather type.


  • • Only the high-quality leather;
  • • A range of contrasting colors;
  • • Different size options.

These and many other options and beneficial deals are offered at olpr. Choose the right leather you are looking for and take the maximal benefit out of it.


Advantages of Our Leather Hide Store


olpr. is the leader among companies, providing leather products. An experienced and appreciated company guarantees the maximal quality of all of its products. The executive part of the online store will completely change your idea of leather production. Diaries, bags, purses and other things may appear as a result of proper hide use.

Still, to get a quality final product, the client should get quality hide. olpr. is the leading solution here, offering top-quality hides with a full range of accompanying benefits:


  • • Exclusive full-grain leather appreciated around the world;
  • • Rapid order processing;
  • • Wholesale leather hides sales and discounts.