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Leather Coasters

Sick of your cups of tea and coffee leaving stain marks on the table? Then get yourself some leather coasters. Easy to clean and to care for, these cool and stylish little custom leather coasters can be just what you need when you wish to make a positive impression.

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These are ideal for drinks storage, and they also add a sense of personality to your location. These leather glass pads can easily be adapted and adjusted to help give you a stylish looking, diverse set of cup pads with company logo attached. A fine choice of item if you are looking to help add a more professional look to your meeting set-up, ensuring that you can give people a set of mug mats to put their cup on that lets them know exactly who they are dealing with.

Also, our branded leather table mats with company logo make a fine corporate gift! They also work well to differentiate your workplace. if you run a restaurant, bar, café, or anywhere that sells drinks, our various table pads give you just what you are looking for. You can even personalize them and make them official, with company logo to really make each coaster set feel like your own companies.

Whether it’s for your home, to give as a gift, or for use in your business, you’ll find our embossed coasters to be the ideal choice.