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It all started in 2014 in Ukraine as a hobby - our master tailor, Pavlo, began creating to provide the quality he did not see on the market. Our family became fascinated with Pavlo's intense desire to make perfect products and we wanted to support and promote these new interests and skills. Julia took charge of sales and marketing so Pavlo could focus on the technical and creative aspects. We concentrated our efforts on finding markets, starting with art fairs, and saw demand grow because there were few artisanal leather accessories manufacturers.


The internet allowed us to sell outside Ukraine and we were so excited to share our passion all over the world. Distance caused problems, though, and with these first orders, we received messages from people in the US asking why delivery took so long. This had us considering other options for growth and how to keep our clients happy. When we had the opportunity to go to the United States, we decided the risk was worth taking. We settled in Mooresville, NC, and focused our attention on the business - creating, marketing, selling, and customers. We tried to cater to all of the wants and needs of our clients, which was difficult but resulted in best-sellers for us.


Growing from a hobby to the business that it is today took a lot of work from all of us, where we learned so much - whether it was about designing, creating, and production or running a business, sales, marketing, and customer service. We encountered a lot of challenges and difficulties that we were not always prepared for, but we managed to persevere. We owe a lot of our success to our premium leather and quality craftsmanship as well as personalized and customized orders. In the era of mass manufacturing and giant factories, the fact that people still appreciate unique and high-quality artisanal goods gives us the strength and confidence to continue doing what we love. We are proud to produce a wide variety of products, using materials ranging from heavy-duty textiles to leather and wood, each carefully designed and crafted so that we can share who we are with the world.


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