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Why do you need a high-quality custom leather passport holder? That is a good question that has several reasonable answers.

✔First and foremost, a passport is an important document, necessary not only for traveling but for other official issues inside the country. So what? A unique leather passport cover may become the exact thing you are looking for.

✔Second, a leather passport wallet is not about usefulness only. A handmade organizer of premium quality will add to your style and spice it up with luxury.

✔Third, leather passport cases made of genuine leather can serve as a good gift to a friend or relative. So, why do you still doubt the choice?

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According to modern tendencies, an increasing number of people are using passports for different experiences. Great idea specifically for you! You can be unique with a 100% leather handcrafted passport cover available at olpr.

Personalized, engraved, or embossed covers made of full-grain leather of undeniable quality are for sale.


Why should you buy from olpr.? Not just because the options we have are custom and pretty cool, but due to a wide range of benefits we are ready to offer:

Quality Horween leather used for the production of items;
Made in the USA;
Wide assortment;
Opportunity to buy a personalized item;
Wholesale products at a special cost;
Rapid delivery and convenient services.
Personalized Leather Passport Holders

Our store offers leather passport holders for all occasions.Choose a cover of any color right now: black, brown, natural, and others. Custom leather passport covers for men and women.