Bartender Bags

Leather Goods

A bartender bag is a must-have for bartenders everywhere. It’s just like a portable bartending station, and any top bartender will appreciate having one. Bartender bags provide a secure and safe option for professional bartenders, bar enthusiasts, as well as brand ambassadors. Using a professional bartender bag is a great option when you want to pack and travel with all your essential tools. A leather bartender bag is perfect for the fashionable bartender, and you can always purchase yours from olpr.


You can always rely on us for top-quality handmade leather items and fashion accessories, so you can get your new rolling tool bag from olpr. Apart from the creation of high-class items, a commendable service we offer is the customization of these items. When you order your leather and canvas bartender set from us, it’s possible to personalize it by adding customization in the form of a simple initial or name, or a short custom message (all you have to do is to request a custom order).

These items are not only handmade; they are also crafted out of the finest leather of the best quality. The leather we use is sourced from Horween Tannery, one of the oldest and most respected tanneries in the United States.

Our bartender bags are functional and stylish. When you make the purchase, you have the option to choose between an empty bartender roll-up bag or a fully stocked one. If you already own the essentials and need a place to store them, then purchasing just the bag is a better option. If you’re just starting out as a bartender or need some tools replaced for whatever reason, you’d be better off getting the bag with the complete set.

The tools we have available are the cocktail shaker, mixing spoon, cork or wine opener, ice tongs, strainer, muddler, bottle opener, jiggers, pourers, and others. The bartender bags are fitted with elastic loops that will help hold the bartending tools in place. The biggest advantages of our bartender bags are versatility and organization. All your essential tools are kept safe in one place and all you need to do is reach out for any tool(s) you need.

If you’re a professional bartender that travels a lot, our bartender bags are made just for you!