Leather Glasses Cases

Leather Goods

Leather glasses casesare classic details for a successful self-sufficient man who wants to create a perfect modern outfit. A cool handmade genuine cowhide leather case provides reliable protection for your eyeglasses. When traveling, on vacation, or in everyday life with a leather glasses case you won't have to worry about the safety of your accessory.


Every detail you include in life makes your personal style. What can be more exquisite and stylishly functional than aleather eyeglass case? It maintains its place among fashionable accessories for years due to its convenience in use and timeless appearance.


At olpr. On the website, you can order beautiful, glasses cases for men customized exactly as you need. Design with clip closure looks minimalist but is comfortable in use. Conservative black and brown leather colors make the eyewear case a universal thing that will go well with any outfit. It will work not only for sight eyewear but also as asunglass case.

No more scratches or creases on your glasses. With this product, they will always be safe and sound. Due to the natural Horween hides used for crafting, every holder is special and very durable. It can outlast years of use without sacrificing the look.
It will be a great gift for your close people, especially with custom personalization.