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Leather Watch Bands

When looking to keep a watch in top condition, leather watch bands make perfect addition. Whether you simply want replacement for current version or would like to change appearance of your device - our collection makes ideal starting point. 

Where to buy watch straps is number one question for true watches collector.  Natural leather watch band can be hard to find. At olpr. we take into attention needs of customer.

Due to years of experience working with different leather types, we create mens and women’s watch straps which are comfortable but do not sacrifice style. 

High-quality leather strap for watch is timeless accessory. It carries more specific look, featuring unique character different from all other.  Luxury look of leather wrist watch band adds to personal style of its owner.

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photo of chestnut leather watch bandimage of horween leather watch band chestnut
Horween Leather Watch Band - Chestnut
Regular price$49.00
photo of natural horween leather watch strapimage of watch strap handmade of horween leather
Horween Leather Watch Band - Natural
Regular price$49.00
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Gift Card
    photo of green leather watch band
    Horween Leather Watch Band - Green
    Regular price$49.00
    photo of black leather watch band
    Horween Leather Watch Band - Black
    Regular price$49.00
    photo of brown italian leather watch band
    Italian Leather Watch Band - Brown
    Regular price$49.00
    photo of blue italian leather watch band
    Italian Leather Watch Band - Blue
    Regular price$49.00
    photo of green moss leather watch band
    Horween Leather Watch Band - Green Moss
    Regular price$49.00


    People love genuine cowhide watches belt for convenience in use as well as for its marvelous classic look. Best feature of watchband made from cowhide is distressed look. It makes your particular band one of a king, exclusive thing. Wearing such accessory it is easy to stand out from crowd.

     A watch is more than just timepiece; it’s an accessory that tells who you are. Custom designs come together in our handmade products, with intricate adjustments made to match up perfect look. 

    Nothing matters more to us than good craftsmanship. Our team works tirelessly to deliver creative looking wrist watch band collection. With user-friendly menus, you can order needed size: 22mm, 20mm, 18mm.

    Leather colors vary: reserved black, universal brown, brave red, original green. We believe every custom will be able to find exact piece for their needs. If not, you can always contact support team with custom order request. 

    Looking for a meaningful and emotional gift for close person or for yourself? Then start with olpr catalog.

    Each item is made with special attention and stands out more from average item. All designs come with promise of lasting for years to come.

    So, for something extra-special and lovingly stylish, why not start with our stunning strap collection?