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1000 Aprons Campaign by olpr.

The Campaign

Our 1000 aprons campaign is more than just giving away free personalized aprons. It is about:


  • Focusing on
    • Small and medium sized restaurants and cafes
    • Independently owned cafes and restaurants
  • Giving back to communities nationwide by supporting small businesses
  • Getting more involved in the food industry
  • Helping the restaurant industry while many are still struggling and are now facing hiring shortages

The Aprons

We have worked with various restaurants, breweries, and cafes over the years who have ordered and loved these aprons. Usually used in front-of-house service, these aprons are perfect for servers, bartenders, or baristas. The main features of these aprons:


  • Protective, durable, and stylish
  • Made from non-waxed canvas
  • Have leather breast pocket and strap loops
  • Three spacious canvas pockets
  • Adjustable cross-back ties to fit any size

The Restaurants

Photo: patrick j./Yelp
"We love your 1000 apron campaign and your focus on small business such as our coffee shop. New York, as well as many other places, have been hit hard during these times and this beautiful action moves and warms our hearts."
Laura Leonardi
The Monkey Cup - NYC
Photo: @vivianasheville/Facebook
"Thanks again for such a wonderful surprise of the gift. You have just brightened our hard working team's spirits!"
Shannon McGaughey
Vivan - Asheville, NC
  • Little Skips (NYC)
  • Festival Cafe (NYC)
  • Loba Pastry (Chicago)
  • Mad Hatter (Birmingham)
  • Craft & Common (Orlando)
  • Threefold Cafe (Miami)
  • OMG Brigadeiros (Miami)
  • Uchi (Austin)
  • Cenote (Austin)
  • Mildfire Coffee Roasters (San Antonio)
  • Campesino Coffee House (Houston)
  • Copa Vida (San Diego)
  • S3 Coffee Bar (San Diego)
  • Atelier Crenn (San Francisco)

About Us

We are a small family-owned leather goods workshop located in Mooresville, North Carolina. We know how important it is to support small and independently owned businesses, now more than ever, so we want to do our part as well. This is our unique opportunity to support restaurants and cafes around the country and get more involved in the food and beverage industry.

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