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Best Woodworking Aprons 2022

In recent years, the humble apron has broken the bonds of stereotype and found mainstream success in coffeehouses, woodsheds, and barbershops. So many cool colors and amazing materials are available. They are breathable, natural, durable and great-looking.

Everyone from your favorite barista to your Grandfather is sporting dark, leather aprons. Gone are the days of an apron simply being a handy clothes-protector - leather aprons have become a fashion statement in a variety of vocations.

Woodworking aprons

As they have become mainstream, the options and customizable materials that make up different versions have expanded.

Need an apron with specific pockets for your tools? How about an adjustable apron for different projects? Not planning to build anything, but just want to look really good in?

There’s no end to the various styles and materials that make up modern leather aprons.

Wondering where to begin in your search for your next leather apron? Check out our quick guide of top aprons for 2020 / 2021.

Below you will discover which best pairs style with function, and where the price meets your budget.

The 5 Best Woodworking Shop Aprons 2022 – Our Top Choices and Reviews

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Kicking off our list is our top pick for a leather apron that matches style with functionality. The green waxed canvas and leather apron is a professionally-built piece of workwear that offers great protection from stains while being great on the eyes.

Fashioned with waxed canvas and Horween Dublin leather, this US-made item can be crafted to order within 2-3 business days.

The waxed canvas finish provides water-resistance, while each of the pockets are double-stitched for extra durability.

The apron comes is fully adjustable, making it suitable for any body type, and cross-back straps help prevent neck strain while being worn.

The green and brown palette match well, and over time the leather develops a beautiful patina - bringing a fashionable look to this sturdy, hardworking apron.

A waxed canvas finish does bring a small drawback to cleaning the apron, as dry cleaning, ironing, or machine washing the apron will cause the leather to deteriorate quicker. Also, the personal customization of this model is limited to only three letters.

This top pick of 2021 could be a great choice for waiters, baristas, barbers, tattoo masters, gardeners and other professionals who want to protect their clothes while looking stylish.

photo of horween mini leather notebook with pen - chestnut

Apron Specifications:

  • Made of waxed canvas and Horween Dublin leather
  • Crafted to order within 2-3 business days
  • Quality USA materials
  • Rich green color of canvas


  • Due to the waxed finish the apron is water resistant
  • All the pockets are double stitched for added durability
  • Comes in one fully adjustable size
  • Features cross back straps to prevent neck strain
  • Leather top pocket can be personalized with initials, name or logo
  • Develops a beautiful patina over the time


  • Dry clean, iron or machine wash are not allowed as it will breakdown the wax  
  • Free personalization is limited to 3 letters

Our close second pick also combines function and style. A reversal of the green waxed canvas and leather apron of our top pick, this one is another well-built apron that protects while offering another version of a stylish look. The brown waxed canvas apron features Horween Chromexcel leather and is made with materials from the United States of America.

Water-resistance is provided by the waxed canvas, and the customizable pockets are double-stitched, offering strength for any number of important tools. It comes is fully adjustable and features a neck-free design with leather accents. As the leather ages, it will develop a beautiful patina.

Similar to our first pick, the waxed canvas and leather will deteriorate if dry cleaned, ironed, or machine washed.

The Brown Waxed Canvas and Leather Apron may be a good choice for any workman and pairs nicely with the Green Waxed Canvas and Leather Apron to provide variety to a wardrobe.

A good competitor to popular Readywares waxed canvas accessories, this apron holds its own against the competition.

photo of pocket italian leather journal - brown

Apron Specifications:

  • Handcrafted of waxed canvas and Horween Chromexcel leather
  • Made to order within 2-3 business days
  • Quality USA materials
  • Great brown color of canvas


  • Water resistance
  • Multiple pockets for tools
  • Adjustable size fits most people
  • Neck free design
  • Heavy duty materials
  • Leather accents for an extra reinforcement
  • Develops a beautiful patina over the time
  • Can be personalized free of charge


  • Dry clean, iron or machine wash are not allowed as it will breakdown the wax  
  • Free personalization is limited to 3 letters

If you are looking for an apron that matches a professional look with durability, the Black Canvas and Leather one is our pick of the year. Sporting a sleek, all-black canvas with brown crazy horse leather accents, this apron fits the needs of those seeking a sturdy apron for their workplace.

Unlike our top two picks, the black model is not water-resistant and does not sport the stylish look provided by the green or brown leather models.

A highlight of this particular model is the unisex design that will universally fit male and female body types.

The apron features hanging hammer loops on both sides, offering flexibility for right or left-handed people, as well as a top pocket that can be customized with two different color variants.

Made with quality imported materials, this apron can be washed without causing harm to the apron - offering long-lasting durability for all users.

Waiters, bartenders, or barbers looking to add a functional, professional apron to their wardrobe or dress code may find a nice option in the Black Canvas and Leather Apron. The universal fit and durability will ensure that this apron will rest on your body for a very long time.

photo of extra large notebook in crazy horse leather cover

Apron Specifications:

  • Durable canvas and crazy horse leather
  • Available in stock / next day shipping
  • Quality imported materials
  • Universal black color
Woodworking apron for men
Comfortable woodworking apron
Woodworking apron with tools


  • Unisex design is perfect for men and women alike
  • Fully adjustable cross-back straps
  • Top leather pocket can be personalized
  • Available in two variants of top pocket color
  • Long-lasting quality
  • Can be washed
  • Features two hammer hanging loops for right and left handed people


  • No water resistance

Our fourth pick is an apron that is a loud as the factory it’s worn in. The Blue Heavy-Duty Denim Apron is built of heavy, durable blue denim that is bright and flashy.

A highly functional and durable apron, this option could be great for those looking to add some color to their daily work in the woodshop or behind the bar at the brewery.

The blue denim is made of long-lasting and durable fabric that will withstand tough conditions, and the neck-free design can help for those working long hours in the heat.

The materials are machine-washable, providing for the apron to be worn for a long time. This model also offers customization for those wishing to add branding or logos to the apron.

Similar to the black canvas and leather apron, the blue apron does not offer water-resistance. This model is also quite heavy because of the durable denim structure, making it more difficult to wear for long hours.

This bright blue denim apron could be a great choice for those working in harsh conditions, and the unisex size allows is a good option for any men’s or women’s apron collection.

Heavy Duty Denim Apron - Blue - olpr.

Apron Specifications:

  • Heavy denim fabric
  • Available in stock / next day shipping
  • Quality imported materials
  • Bright blue color


  • Durable and long-lasting materials
  • Neck free design
  • Personalization is available
  • Machine wash is allowed
  • Unisex design


  • No water resistance  
  • Quite heavy

Our fifth and final choice is a bib apron that offers functionality and style while not breaking your budget. If you are looking for an apron that is well-made without the expensive leather and canvas build, the black bib apron may be the right choice in 2020.

Made of 100% cotton serge fabric, this bib apron is lightweight and features an adjustable fit that matches most body types. The natural, breathable fabric is fully machine-washable, offering long-lasting durability. The bib has a simple design with multiple pockets for tools, and the universal black color palette will fit a variety of uses and jobs.

This bib is not water-resistant, so care must be taken while being used on the job. Also, while this model is budget-friendly, the look is simple and not-customizable, offering little to set this bib apart from many other standard black aprons on the market today.

The Black Bib Apron with Pockets may be a good option for those looking for a daily, long-lasting apron that will be light on their bodies as well as their paycheck.

photo of pocket italian leather journal - cream

Apron Specifications:

  • Handmade of 100% cotton serge fabric
  • Available in stock / next day shipping
  • Universal black color
  • Adjustable cross-back straps
  • Machine wash is allowed
  • Lightweight material
Black washable apron
Black unisex apron


  • Multiple pockets for tools
  • Adjustable size fits most people
  • Very lightweight
  • Simple design
  • Natural breathable fabric


  • No water resistance

Now that we have taken a look at our top five leather apron picks for 2021, let’s take a look at how to choose between these great options. What does one need to consider when purchasing a leather woodworking apron? Here are several elements to take note of before your next purchase:

  1. The Materials Making Up The Apron

Your first consideration when considering a woodworking apron should be the various materials that make up the apron. While style may be at the top of your list, don’t forget that the apron serves to offer protection for your clothes and body. For most woodworking aprons, a combination of high-quality, durable materials is best.

Make sure to consider whether the materials are stain-proof or resistant, as well as how the materials handle water or other liquids. By purchasing an apron made of leather, canvas, or fabric that stands up against most wear and tear, you will ensure that the apron lasts a long time and provides top-level protection.

A common choice for most woodworking aprons is a mixture of waxed canvas and leather. These materials provide durability that can often be washed while offer water and stain resistance.

Each of our top five aprons for 2020 features either a combination of high-quality waxed canvas and leather or durable denim fabric. Any of the above options will provide an enduring apron that will stand up against any wear and tear - be it coffee grounds or soldering irons.

  1. Check Your Pockets!

When you are shop aprons for woodworking, you will need to look for a place to hold all of your stuff! When considering a woodworking apron, make sure to check the number and location of pockets. Most aprons feature a large central pocket that can hold larger tools or your phone, and various smaller pockets that can hold tools and other items of need for your work.

Of the top aprons in our 2021 list, those with a variety of customizable pockets made it to the top of the chart. Pockets are non-negotiable when buying an apron, so choose wisely!

  1. Make Sure You Have Reinforcements

Just as important as the materials that make up the structure of the apron are the reinforcing elements that are included. Some aprons feature leather straps and buckles that help add strength to the apron when adding heavy tools to the pockets.

The reinforcement elements also help offer the ability to adjust the size and fit of the apron. Good reinforcements such as buttons or buckles can also help with putting on and taking off the apron.

When looking at an apron, be sure to consider the reinforcements added to the material, so that the apron will fit and form to your body type best.

  1. Weight Distribution

You’ve got a lot of work to do - don’t add to that work with an unnecessarily heavy apron! When choosing the right apron for your job, check the fit to see how the apron distributes the weight.

As you add tools to the apron, see if the weight begins to take too much of a toll on your body. If the work it takes to wear the apron exceeds the amount of protection it offers, then avoid that apron at all costs.

Some aprons offer adjustable straps, cross-back straps, and adjustable waists that help release the tension on certain parts of the body. Check the inches of the straps and see if there are options for padded straps to ease the strain.

Woodworking apron tying
Cpmfortable woodworking apron

Our top list of woodworking aprons of 2021 seeks to combine style and durability while keeping an eye on your budget.

Your apron is just as much a statement on your work as it is a part of your toolkit, so picking the perfect apron should be a top priority!

Take the time to consider all the options available, and ensure that your next project is fashion-forward and functional!

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