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Funny Aprons

Practical yet entertaining, these cooking aprons reflect who you are, or at least your humor. These are certainly not your grandmother’s floral apron. You don’t have to be a seasoned chef to enjoy this item. You just have to be able to laugh.

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personalized aprons by olpr.

Funny Aprons Should Become A Staple in Your Kitchen

Humorous aprons don’t have to be niche when the perfect one for you exists.

Gone were the days your apron stayed in your kitchen glued to the hook. With one of these for him/for her, you’ll find any excuse to put it back on.

These novelty aprons are hard to pass up because of their versatility. They are great for any need, especially baking, grilling and cooking. It’ll be one of the funniest parts of your next summer BBQ. They will make any fond memory funnier.

This apron is the perfect gift for yourself as an act of self-love. If you find yourself whipping up recipes, you deserve to protect your clothes. The best part is that you can still look good while doing it. When you’re frustrated with a recipe, you just have to look down and smile.

An apron can also be the perfect present for men and women, for your friend or family. All you just have do is find the one best-suited to their humor.

One of the best parts is that these funny aprons are multi-faceted. They not only act as a conversation starter, but they are also high quality. The cotton-rich fabric has cross-back straps holder for convenience. It is also equipped with the side loops made of real leather. With pocket space, smooth seams and soft straps, this fabric is still breathable. All of these factors combined makes working in a busy kitchen scene easy.

The bright patterns pop off the black fabric to act as a statement. Some have avocadoes, others have other cooking utensils. There are even options with simple graphics, too. For another layer of personalization, some allow a chosen name to be printed too.

There are options for couples, for parents, for siblings and for friends. While some are sassy, others are simply humorous. Forget needing an excuse to gift an apron to a loved one. Brighten someone’s day with this unique and personalized present.

Olpr’s products emphasize personalization. You can also order a black apron with your logo. Discounts are available for bulk orders if you want to order more than 10.

The one-of-a-kind images were especially made for olpr, for you. Upon confirmation, your order will be made within 1-3 business days. You can also support a local business as these are made in the USA. Cute and fun, you’ll want one for every occasion.

Funny aprons made by olpr.:
1. Cotton-rich fabric
2. Cross-back straps holder and side loops are made of real leather
3. Ample pockets
4. Neat & smooth seams
5. Bright prints
6. Personalized prints with name
7. Solid black canvas
8. Softer straps at the shoulder area to distribute weight
9. Breathable
10. With images designed especially for olpr.
11. Made to order within 1-3 business days


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