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Why Shell Cordovan is the Best Leather for Watch Strap


When you want to get the best watch that money can afford, knowing where to start can be needlessly tough. For example, you will know that you should probably stick to leather for a watch strap. It just makes sense. 

With the added sense of style, fashion and overall substance, it becomes much easier to stick with using good old leather.


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That being said, leather wrist straps themselves come in many shapes, styles and formats. 

That in itself can make this process a touch more confusing than it has to be. One of the most popular and effective forms of leather watch strap, though, is a shell cordovan leather watch strap. There are many reasons why that might be the case, so let’s take a look at why this may be the case.


Shell Cordovan: the world’s best leather

What is cordovan leather? Shell cordovan is the best leather that you could use for anything.

A cordovan watch strap is like a guarantee of consistency, quality and credibility. It’s for this reason that a lot of people tend to turn to this kind of product. They simply find it easier to work with. Part of the reason why this is such a universally popular style, is the added softness to touch.

Softness in leather might not sound like a good thing. However, don’t mistake softness for weakness.

Softness is common in these items, sure, but it’s also extremely durable. Therefore, you have nothing to worry about – it’s soft to touch, but it is by no means a weak piece of material. Keeping that in mind is very important.  


Another reason why a shell cordovan strap is so popular is because it comes with a near indestructibility. Why? Because of what it is made from. 

This leather material comes from the buttock of a horse, which is one of the most refined pieces of leather that you are ever likely to get. This is what gives shell cordovan that rich, balanced look, too.

It’s not just strong, but extremely stylish. Many other forms of luxurious leather can take much the same form, delivering a robust and powerful leather option.

However, one thing that makes the use of a cordovan watch strap so popular is the expense. When you see a Horween shell cordovan watch strap, you will know it.

The luxurious, enriching nature of the whole design is immediately apparent. It’s one of the main reason why it’s so commonly used on the highest-end watches, shoes and similar.

Indeed, this is not something that can be rushed or forced. A high-quality shell leather could take up to six months of production time, and is more or less always done by hand. This is made to ensure that it can last for many years.

If taken care of it the right way good quality shell cordovan could last you a lifetime. At olpr., we provide top quality shell cordovan watch straps. These are made and sourced from the best tannery - Horween, our partners in pristine production.

Cordovan Watch Strap Maintenance

Shell Cordovan Apple Watch Band


As one might expect from something that takes so much work and effort, a shell cordovan watch strap will need some effort to keep it in top condition. Some, though, might think they need to spend hours of maintenance and minuscule care when dealing with watch shell. 

That’s not the case – at all. In fact, you are under no obligation for specialized care when it comes to this particular kind of product. 

With regards to maintenance, you could easily secure its look simply by wiping the watch strap down. Simply use some soapy water and let it dry afterward. 

If you do that, you might see some signs of white spots appearing on the watch. This is the natural oils within the leather and is purely a reaction to extreme weather. These can be wiped away and will help to keep your watch strong and supple.


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