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Leather Gifts Ideas for Her


Look! Three years of your marriage went so fast, and it feels like you have known your wife for a lifetime. They say that if you have good relations for the first three years, your marriage is successful.

The honeymoon is gone, all the wedding celebrations and presents are already forgotten and you have immersed in the routine. But hurray! Your 3d anniversary is coming.

Do you know why people are used to present leather things? Because it is called a leather anniversary. There is a whole explanation behind the tradition. You know, choosing from different materials, leather is one of the most durable, used to protect the person and provide the required shelter.

Thus, after three years of coupledom, your relationships get much stronger and more durable. Leather gift can be a dependable way to represent it. Where can you find all leather gift ideas for her in one place?

Big news: olpr. has a perfect choice of unique leather gifts here! All the best leather anniversary gift ideas for her and him are collected at our website. You just need to browse the website and opt for something special for your beloved. Still in search of unforgettable 3 year anniversary leather gift ideas for her?

Check the following items to get the best of the best.

Leather Bags & Backpacks

Backpack Leather Men Women


Have you ever doubted about the desire of your woman to have modern and stylish accessories? Believe it or not, but a quality bags of any size or type will be top leather gifts for her. A high-quality, comfortable and personalized item will be the best choice.

Lovely totes made of Horween leather has nothing to add when you need something comfortable. The artisans, creating the bag, take into consideration every stitch and color.

Customizing the size and lettering, the backpack or shoulder bag you are ordering, will conquer her heart. Browse the list to select the best option and take the maximal advantage out of the anniversary gift.

Leather Pet Supplies

 Leather Dog Collar Large


Does your wife have a pet? Sorry, but she may love it more than you, as it has its own places on the sofa, bed, toilet, and kitchen. If you love her pet, you love her.

Sounds strange, but usually it's so true. Can you use this rule to your benefit? Of course, surprise your wife with a new collar for her dog or cat. A soft, smooth and nice collar will provide your pet with a dose of luxury and bring strength to your relations.

Leather Apple Watch Band

Single Leather Apple Watch Band


You can be cool enough to give her new iWatch, but it is sometimes better to keep this gift safe before the new version arrives. A quality and up-to-date Apple watch band will be one of the unique leather gifts for women.

The choice you will find are the best-gathered options, which can be customized according to your wishes and her likes. 

Leather Wallet for Her

Horween Leather Card Holder



Be honest and admit, that when you are going for a trip, your girlfriend makes a mess with all the necessary documents. Or if she is the one to control everything, the fine personalized travel wallet is always the best option. Tickets, passports, insurance, some money or just important notes – everything has to be there. 

What a good idea could be a trip wallet where each document has its own place. We can do the one you like most. Just give a tip on colors and pockets you need and we will even sign it for you. Horween Leather guarantees that everything you put inside the wallet will remain inside of it secured and comfortable.Truly useful and practical leather gift for her anniversary.


Cool Leather Passport Cover

Passport Cover Real Leather


Living in the USA and travelling all around the world? Twin passport covers will contribute to your relations. Try to think of a happy face of your girlfriend, when she sees the proof of your love in twin passport covers for both, yours and hers passports. 

The ideas of designs and colors can drive crazy any woman and the quality of leather has nothing to add. She will never want to change it, because of the nice sweet lettering you choose or additional pockets for your tiny memorable photo together. Choose a unique design that is associated with your couple and get ready for the best emotions.

Beautiful Dopp Kit

Handmade Leather Dopp Kit


An exclusive dopp kit will help your sweetheart remember you every time they use it. In the dopp kits section on our website you can check the variety of personalized leather gifts for her or him.

Leather Bracelet

A fashionable leather bracelets will not only be a great accessories and leather gifts for wife, but also a perfect reminders of your love and relationships. Warm feelings and gratitude will emerge every time your wife wears it.

Leather Journals

Leather Journal Cover A5 Size


This item is indispensable for those who are exceptionally orderly and neat. Present your wife with a embossed leather journal by olpr. - to show that you appreciate all her ideas and thoughts.

Photo Print on Leather

A DIY photo frame is not cool anymore. What is the solution then? A unique photo printed on leather should be your choice.

Leather Earrings

If you have a limited budget but still want to make your present special, quality and handmade leather earrings will work out well.

Olpr. offers variety of choices for the anniversary gift ideas.


The choice is always about the person and style, and product quality and your satisfaction is a must for Horween Leather!

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  • I love these ideas and I am glad to know what my boyfriend can make me.


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1 comment

  • I love these ideas and I am glad to know what my boyfriend can make me.