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The 7 Very Best Leather Backpacks for Men and Women: Detailed Guide 2024

Leather is durable and stylish, making it a fantastic choice for backpacks. When you purchase the best leather backpack, you can rest assured that your bag can handle high weight limits. There are many options for choosing a leather backpack, but this article has narrowed down the possibilities.

Main Features

  • Canvas
  • Crazy Horse leather
  • Adventure style
  • Strong and lasting hardware
  • Durable switching
  • Handmade in USA

$140.00 $70.00 |  You Save $70.00 (50%)

This is the best leather backpack for men – a handmade, high-quality backpack designed with the utmost attention to every detail. This modern backpack is made from quality leather and has an adventure style, making it perfect for travel.

There are many pros to this Canvas and Crazy Horse Leather Backpack, which is why it is a perfect backpack choice for men. One of the pros of this leather backpack is that it is made from the upper part of the cowhide, which is the most vital part, so durability is guaranteed.

This part's imperfections and natural markings are preserved, which is why the backpack gives off a vintage look. Another advantage of the Canvas and Crazy Horse Leather Backpack is that it is made of high-quality leather, so as it gets older, it develops a patina. It makes your backpack look like a one-of-a-kind piece – giving it a vintage look and a unique pattern. Purchasing this backpack is a good choice because high-quality backpacks can never go wrong.

The only reason one may consider the Crazy Horse Leather Backpack as a con is that it is handmade, so the color in real life may look slightly different from what you see in the picture.

men’s leather backpack
leather backpack backside
real leather bag
canvas backpack

$140.00 $70.00 |  You Save $70.00 (50%)

Because it is a handmade product, the leather changes color. So, sometimes, it may be darker or lighter than the pictured product because every hide's reaction to the dyeing process is different.

Buyers Guide
The Canvas and Crazy Horse Leather Backpack Adventure is made from crazy horse leather and has durable switching. It is strong and lasting hardware with an adventure style and comes in only brown. The backpack's dimensions are 12" W and 19" H.

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  • Crazy horse leather
  • Rich brown color
  • Strong and lasting hardware
  • Durable cotton inner lining
  • Pocket for laptop
  • Handmade for durability and strength

Regular price$200.00 $130.00 |  You Save $70.00 (35%)

This leather backpack is perfect for everyday use, vacations, and business trips. This backpack has impressive functionality as it is suitable for holding many items at a time, and even with that, it still gives off a stylish look.

It is made of high-quality leather, and its laidback design makes it a perfect choice for active and modern people. It is also the best leather backpack for laptops.

There are so many benefits to purchasing the Crazy Horse Leather Backpack City, and the first is the stylish design and high functionality of the item. The combination of these two features is enough to impress you and improve your desire to get one of these backpacks.

The stylish design of this item makes it a perfect choice for both women and men. Another benefit of this backpack is the baggage tag and the secret pocket. The baggage tag is a feature that helps you to locate your bag quickly. This removes the risk of losing your backpack when you are travelling.

The secret pocket is perfect for storing valuable items in your backpack; it has a zipper, and you can find it at the back of the backpack. You will not be able to access the secret pocket when you are wearing the backpack.
The Crazy Horse Leather Backpack has three compartments and is big enough to carry all your items — one large compartment for oversized items and an extra pocket for flat items like laptops and folders. There is an inner compartment where you can store small items.
The only downside of the Crazy Horse Leather Backpack is that the colour may look lighter or brighter than the pictured image on the colour. It is because it is handmade, so this subjects the leather to changes in color.

leather travel bag - city
top grain leather bag

Regular price$200.00 $130.00 |  You Save $70.00 (35%)

Buyers Guide
The Crazy Horse Leather Backpack City has three compartments for storing your items. There is a pocket where you can keep your laptop and a large compartment for storing oversized items. You also have access to a front pocket for keeping urgent things.
This backpack comes in rich brown and is handmade for strength and durability. It has a durable cotton inner lining and is not one of the items that you can personalize on the olpr website. It has a double shoulder strap length, which you can adjust from 27 x 34 in.

The bags of this design are available in different colors

Photo of a jacket, bag, and shoes


  • Soft leather
  • Natural/Navy color
  • Durable stitching
  • Quality hardware
  • Made in USA


The Leather Zipper Rolltop Backpack is made of high-quality and soft leather and is available on the olpr. store. It is specially handcrafted and designed with attention to even the tiniest details. It comes in a natural or navy color and is perfect for men. 

Pros and Cons

One benefit of the Leather Zipper Rolltop Backpack is that the leather is from the strongest part of the cowhide, which is the topmost part. Due to this, durability and natural markings preservation is ensured. Also, the type of leather used gives this backpack a vintage look.

There is only one downside of purchasing this leather backpack – it may not look like the pictured product on the olpr. website because of its handmade nature. It could come out lighter or darker due to the fact that the dyeing process of each hide is different. 

real leather zipper bag
backpack for men and women


Buyers Guide 

The Leather Zipper Rolltop Backpack is one of the best purchases you can make. It is made from soft leather, which is highly durable despite its softness. 

It comes in the colors navy and natural and has durable stitching. This backpack cannot be personalized on the olpr. website, but it does come with double adjustable shoulder straps. Lastly, it does not have laptop pockets. 

Main Features


  • Soft natural leather
  • Delicate pink color
  • Strong and lasting hardware
  • Convenient design
  • Comfortable shoulder straps
  • Made in USA
  • Dimensions: 13 x 10 x 3 inches

COLOR: PINK | PRICE: $200.00

A Stylish and Practical Backpack for the Modern Woman

This leather backpack is crafted to be both useful and elegant for today's active woman. Its neutral color allows it to effortlessly match both casual and professional women's outfits as you transition through your day.

It's made of soft, lightweight leather that makes it comfortable for a woman to carry. The shoulder straps are padded to prevent digging into shoulders, even when running errands all day long. An extra exterior pocket keeps essentials like your phone easily accessible.

The backpack is designed with ample room to fit everything the modern woman needs daily, whether headed to the office, university or even on a fun getaway. It’s thoughtfully organized with a feminine aesthetic to help you stay tidy and put-together on the go.

Durably made using high-quality materials, this versatile women’s backpack is built to last for years as your trusty companion. Its appeal stems from fusing pragmatism and polish into an accessory made to upgrade every outfit.

It aims to remove the little hassles from busy women’s days with its practicality while also elevating your style with its elegant design touches that add a smile when sporting it around town.


  • Natural Italian leather
  • Handmade in USA
  • 3 pockets: 2 inside and one outside
  • Lined
  • Separate laptop section
  • Quality and durable
  • Laptop Section: Separate laptop pocket


If you are looking for something on the big side, the olpr. Izzy Backpack is the perfect choice for you. It was designed for everyday use and is big enough to contain all your essentials. The Izzy Backpack is the best leather backpack for women due to its classic and functional design. 

The backpack is made from high-quality leather, which makes it extremely durable. As the leather ages, it develops a patina that turns your backpack into a one-of-a-kind item. It gives it a vintage look, so you can rest assured that it will only become finer with time. 

Pros and Cons

The first benefit of purchasing the olpr. Izzy Backpack is that you have access to two internal pockets. You can store documents and other essential items in the first pocket and your laptop in the second. There is also a zipper pocket for putting things you need easy access to. 

Those are not the only benefits of the olpr. Izzy Backpack. It is a comfortable backpack that is perfect for students, working professionals, or travelers. It is made of natural and beautiful Italian leather, which makes it durable and gives it an original look. 

This backpack is a go-to for ladies who need a bag for everyday use but is there a downside to it? The only downside is that you could get the backpack in a lighter or darker shade than the pictured product. Lastly, its classic design makes it a perfect modern item to carry around. 

brown backpack for women
photo of a girl in a leather backpack


Buyers Guide

Are you looking for the perfect backpack that checks out quality and convenience? The olpr. Izzy Backpack is the best choice for you right now. It is a functional item that is also beautiful to look at as it has an excellent design. 

The Izzy Backpack is made of natural leather (beautiful Italian leather), which makes it durable and gives it an original look. It has three pockets for storing items. There is a separate laptop section (an internal pocket) and another internal pocket for other essential items.

The Izzy backpack is high quality and durable item. It comes in green and brown and can be personalized up to 27 inches. The last pocket is an outer zipper pocket where you can put things you want to access easily. 


  • Soft leather
  • Brown color
  • Durable stitching
  • Quality hardware
  • Made in USA
  • Double adjustable shoulder straps
  • Size: 9"bottom, 11"top W x 15"H x 4"L

$199.00 $150.00 |  You Save $49.00 (24%)

Expert Craftsmanship: Expertly crafted from rich, full-grain leather, this petite yet spacious backpack makes the perfect travel buddy for a sophisticated woman on the move. Its supple rolltop design unfurls to reveal a deceptively roomy interior, easily accommodating a 13-inch laptop along with everyday essentials.

Durable and Versatile: Whether jet-setting cross-country or biking across town, the backpack keeps your belongings safe in style thanks to durable materials and a minimalist, structured shape. Let it lend its vintage appeal to business meetings and cafe catch-ups alike—this little leather wonder supports all your pursuits with quality, versatility and our trademark artful touch.

A Traveling Companion: Wherever wanderlust takes you, know it's got your back.


$199.00 $150.00 |  You Save $49.00 (24%)


  • Full-Grain Crazy Horse leather
  • 2 compartments
  • 3 front zip pockets
  • 2 open side pockets
  • Magnetic buckles
  • Fits 16" (or less) Laptop
  • Strong and lasting hardware
  • Cotton lining
  • Vintage style

Regular price$180.00 $160.00 |  You Save $20.00 (11%)

The Voyaging Backpack - Your Travel Companion

Quality Materials for the Journey
Crafted from rugged Crazy Horse leather and lined with soft cotton, this backpack is built to last through countless expeditions. The leather develops a unique patina over time, like a well-worn travel journal.  

Compartments for Organization
Two main compartments store all your travel essentials. The padded laptop sleeve keeps your tech safe while the opposite compartment has a secret zippered pocket for important documents and open pockets for stashing snacks.

brown backpack for women

Regular price$180.00 $160.00 |  You Save $20.00 (11%)

Convenient Accessibility
The front organizational panel helps you find things fast with zippered stash spots for passport, cash, and other small necessities you need en route. Open side pockets hold your phone, notebook, or water bottle right at hand for capturing travel inspiration.  

Your Trusted Travel Companion
With plenty of smart storage for all your travel gear, this backpack transforms every departure into a voyage of possibility. Where will you take it first?

There are similar designs of this product in different colors:

Regular price$200.00 $165.00 |  You Save $35.00 (17%)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Is leather a good backpack material? 

Leather is a natural material, and this makes it durable, flexible, and timeless. A backpack made from leather is guaranteed to last a lifetime due to its durable features. Leather backpacks are designed to handle heavy weight loads and can handle everyday wear and tear.

Do leather backpacks last? 

If you take care of your leather backpack well, it can last you for a lifetime. Many leather bag makers guarantee their work will last up to a hundred years. As it ages, it develops a patina on its surface, which gives it a unique and vintage look. 

Is a leather backpack more expensive than a nylon backpack? 

Leather backpacks are more expensive than other materials, including nylon, but it surely lasts longer. Leather backpacks are seen as an investment. The good thing is that with leather backpacks, you will be getting value for your money because they last longer than your typical backpacks. 

How do you know if a backpack is of good quality? 

There are so many ways you can know if a backpack is of good quality, and the first is comfort. Your backpack should be comfortable to wear when you are carrying heavy loads. If the backpack hurts your back in the process, then it is not a good choice. 

Which leather backpacks are the best? 

Olpr leather backpacks are the best options for anyone looking to buy classy, affordable, and functional leather backpacks. The backpacks come in different shapes, sizes, colors, and designs. They are perfect for both women and men. 

Which leather is best for bags? 

Cowhide leather is the best high-quality leather material for bags. The cowhide has a beautiful appearance; it is incredibly durable, strong, and flexible. It is the best material you should choose when purchasing a leather backpack. 


Leather backpacks are not only durable and perfect for heavy-weight loads, but they are also aesthetically pleasing to look at. There are so many leather backpacks that will suit whatever you need to have for you to choose from. When choosing a leather backpack, check out all its features to see if it meets your requirements. 

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