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Milwaukee Leather Coaster Set - Emerald Green  - olpr.

Milwaukee Leather Coaster Set - Emerald Green

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Custom Engraved Leather Coaster Set

This handmade leather coaster set is just the pick of the bunch. Coasters come in fine size at 6 in each to fit most cups, bottles, glasses and more. Natural leather coaster set works perfect for home, cafe, pub or restaurant. With option for custom image engraving you can turn these coasters in special useful accessory featuring your initials. It will be a great option for practical use and decoration. No more watermarks or unexpected spill on the furniture. Leather coasters will adorn your table. They look absolutely amazing and will be a great gift too.


Please Note

Due to the handmade nature, this leather is subject to color change, sometimes it can be lighter / darker than in the picture as each hide reacts to the dyeing process differently. This leather comes with all natural markings and imperfections of the hide preserved. Also, when the surface of the hide is scratched or rubbed, the wax enhanced fibers are displaced and the piece changes color over time. It results in a particular pattern, unique to every item.


Main Features

  • Milwaukee leather
  • Color: Emerald Green
  • Set of 6 pieces
  • Handmade in the USA


Make this coaster set look even more stunning with custom personalization.

Engraving - The letters are carved onto the leather with the help of a laser machine. The default position for name engraving is on the coaster`s center when you look at it.

Personalized items cannot be returned.


About the leather
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Milwaukee Leather


Emerald Green


Milwaukee Leather Coaster Set - Emerald Green

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6 coasters



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Milwaukee Leather Coaster Set - Emerald Green