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Leather Backpacks

If you are a dedicated tourist, restless walker, or determined camper, leather backpacks are nothing new. The reason is simple: canvas backpacks can include many necessary items that are convenient to carry. The tendency to use a vintage leather backpack is growing annually, with designer affordable items being the first choice.

 olpr. is an American company with rich experience working with natural leather. We offer the best deals and quality products made with premium leather!

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Milwaukee Leather Backpack City - Dark Chocolate Backpack - olpr.Milwaukee Leather Backpack City - Dark Chocolate Backpack - olpr.
Milwaukee Leather Backpack City - Dark Chocolate
Regular price$300.00
Milwaukee Leather Backpack City - Chestnut Backpack - olpr.Milwaukee Leather Backpack City - Chestnut Backpack - olpr.
Milwaukee Leather Backpack City - Chestnut
Regular price$500.00

 Leather Knapsacks for Men

What's the first thing that comes to mind when discussing men's leather rucksacks? Is it a vast, versatile bag for fishing, hiking, or a large camera bag? olpr destroys stereotypes by providing clients with knapsack models in small and large sizes. Durable, top-notch, full-grain leather items add to the style, remaining functional with compartments and pockets to keep your belongings organized. We also offer drawstring knapsacks made from durable genuine leather (stronger than nylon) that can comfortably carry your essentials.

Women's Handmade Leather Bags

What about females? olpr. offers extraordinary women's backpack handbag variants. Executive quality items are available in various sizes (including mini knapsacks), styles, and shapes. Classic black and brown color, original nude shades, catching bright colors - to satisfy the preferences and needs of true ladies. The classic leather backpacks feature adjustable straps, multiple compartments, and pockets. They can be used as a purse, tote, or laptop bag. We have backpack purses, shoulder bags, and laptop sleeves to fit your style.

Benefits of Buying

Still having doubts? Forget about all the prejudice and opt for the best:

Still having doubts? Forget about all the prejudice and opt for the best:

✔ Unique rucksacks made from time-tested full-grain Horween leather: olpr. Leather Goods Co. guarantees the quality of every product, as all of them are made by technological requirements using timeless techniques;

✔ All products are made in the USA, retaining corresponding quality but offering reasonable costs;

✔ Stylish design and durable hardware in all products of our collection;

✔ Practical and durable interior and exterior finishing of our bags;

✔  Fast order processing and fast delivery that won't make you wait more than 2-3 business days in the US and 14 days in Europe; 

✔ Ability to order wholesale.


What Types of Stitches are Used in Backpacks from olpr.?

High-quality stitches like saddle or reverse stitching are usually used for leather backpacks. They are very sturdy and designed to last a lifetime. In any case, all OLPR products are made by skilled craftsmen to ensure strength and strength.

Will a Leather Backpack Tear Easily?

No, our backpacks are made from full-grain leather, which is exceptionally sturdy and resistant to tearing. The leather is designed to develop a patina that enhances its sleek look over time.

Why is Leather an Excellent Choice for Backpacks?

Leather is valued for its inherent durability, water resistance, and ability to mold to your body over time. It's a sleek, sophisticated material that only gets better with age. olpr products are designed for life on the go while retaining their stylish look for years to come.

Can I use a Leather Backpack as My Everyday Bag?

Definitely! Our bags' sturdiness and versatility make them perfect for everyday use. With multiple compartments and pockets, they have plenty of space to keep your daily necessities organized. The leather also makes them more secure against theft.

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