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Waxed Canvas and Leather Bartender Bag - Green

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Durable and Stylish Bartender Bag

If you’re a professional bartender who finds himself on the road a lot, then this roll up bartender bag is perfect for you. It’s stylish and functional, with room for your essential bartending tools. It’s the perfect storage and organization solution, as it has been fitted with special compartments for the basics. Handcrafted from the finest leather and durable canvas, this bartender bag was built to serve you, and made to last.

The bartender bag has a compartment where you can store your shaker, along with 11 elastic loops to hold the bartending tools. When you order the bartender bag, you can choose just the bag, or if you need tools, we’ll deliver your bag fully stocked.

Key Features:

  • Combination of green and brown canvas with chestnut leather
  • Dimensions when closed: 11.5 x 9 inches
  • 1 compartment for storing a shaker
  • 11 elastic loops to hold the bar tools strapped and secure
  • 2 adjustable leather straps
  • Available as just the roll, or complete 11 pc set

Please Note

Due to the handmade nature, this leather is subject to color change, sometimes it can be lighter / darker than in the picture as each hide reacts to the dyeing process differently. This leather comes with all natural markings and imperfections of the hide preserved. Also, when the surface of the hide is scratched or rubbed, the wax enhanced fibers are displaced and the piece changes color over time. It results in a particular pattern, unique to every item.


Bartending Equipment (optional)

  • Cocktail shaker
  • Mixing spoon
  • Cork / wine opener
  • Strainer
  • Ice tongs
  • Muddler
  • Bottle opener
  • Two double jiggers
  • Two pourers

Main Features

  • Milwaukee leather with green and brown canvas
  • 1 compartment for a shaker
  • 11 elastic loops to hold bar tools
  • 2 adjustable leather straps
  • Handmade in the USA


Add your custom personalization to this item for an extra personal touch.

Debossing - the letters are imprinted on leather with the help of special mold. The debossing is free of charge for up to 3 letters. Our standard font is Arial UPPERCASE- 7mm high; lower case 5mm high. This is included in the cost of the product, please add the initials you would like at checkout. The default location for debossing is at the bottom right corner on the front.

Personalized items cannot be returned.


About the Leather

Our leather

Our leather is sourced from Seidel Tanning Corp which is located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Seidel Tanning is a fourth generation, family-owned business that sources all of their hides from US domestic markets. They work to combine new and old techniques, use a combination of chrome and vegetable tanning, and make all of their leather to order. Seidel has worked with us to create the perfect formula for our leather, which has a unique and rugged look. This leather develops a nice patina with use, is durable, and resistant to color fading over time.

What is full grain leather

Basically, leather is trillions of interwoven fibers. The closer you get to the surface, the smaller and denser become those fibers. Hence, the top layer is the strongest and the most durable cut one can buy. The term “Full Grain” is used to define that top, uppermost layer of the cow hide which was not sanded or polished.

What is pull-up effect

We touched on natural extracts and wax & oil finish so you can understand what “pull-up” is. Color migrates and becomes lighter in full grain leather when it is stretched or pulled. Hence the term pull-up. It is a characteristic of natural tanning processes and happens because oils and waxes are displaced on the surface by a movement of the material.

Leather wrinkles

Other characteristics to take note of are wrinkles. As full grain leather is not sanded during production it preserves its natural look. Normally, the cow has wrinkles where the skin was bent, like on the neck, near legs etc. These wrinkles are not removed on purpose. They show that leather is correctly processed full grain top hide.

Leather scars

Same as wrinkles, scars on leather hide are also preserved. During its life the animal may get scratches, insects bites or small wounds. As a result of natural healing there remains a scar. After the hide is separated from the flash, these marks are left untouched as required by the technology.

Type Bartender Bag


Canvas, Milwaukee Leather




Waxed Canvas and Leather Bartender Bag - Green

Dimensions (in)

11.5 x 9

Dimensions (cm)

29 x 23

Closure Type

Double Metal Buckets


1 compartment for shaker, 11 elastic loops

Country of Production


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Doug Mawhinney
Great bag

Love it.

Michael Fox

Love it! Looks great and works perfectly

Perfectly crafted bag

This bag is so handy to store all your essential bar tools and looks absolutely gorgeous.

Wonderful Stylish bag

I bought this for my husband's Valentine present 2 years ago and it still looks brand new. We really like the leather details and the stylish design. It makes carrying bar tools very easy. The optional bar tool set is high quality as well!

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Waxed Canvas and Leather Bartender Bag - Green