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Personalized Aprons

You consider an apron to be an indispensable item just for the kitchen or bar, don’t you? Not now. Currently, not only PR managers and CEOs need to look good, but also the representatives of a range of other professions. Therefore, personalized aprons have become important objects in the work of every specialist: barista, barber, hairdresser, craftsman, chef, designer, etc.

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Dark Denim Canvas and Leather Apron for Barista
Dark Denim Canvas and Leather Apron for Barista
Regular price$39.00
Amber Canvas and Leather Apron for Bartender Amber Canvas and Leather Apron for Bartender
Amber Canvas and Leather Apron for Bartender
Regular price$39.00
Amber Canvas and Leather Apron for Barista Amber Canvas and Leather Apron for Barista
Amber Canvas and Leather Apron for Barista
Regular price$39.00
Custom Cross-Back Apron of Canvas - Pistachio Custom Cross-Back Apron of Canvas - Pistachio
Custom Cross-Back Apron of Canvas - Pistachio
Regular price$39.00
Canvas and Leather Apron - Green Canvas and Leather Apron - Green
Canvas and Leather Apron - Green
Regular price$39.00

 We Сreate Custom Aprons for any Profession



Custom apron for grilling and bbq.

Custom apron

Flame Retardant.

It is better to choose a fire-resistant fabric with heat-resistant properties.


The most common variant is with several pockets.

You may put in many essentials or just a phone + bottle opener.


The bib apron covers the front of the body.

Sturdy goods made to work: hard work, working with tools, workshop.

working apron


Anybody's position is comfortable and your apron stays exactly where it needs to be.


You can access your most important tools at any time while walking around the workshop.


Scratching, rubbing, abrasion, and contact with sharp objects shouldn’t damage the material.

Custom aprons with pockets for hairdressers, hairstylists, haircutting, and barber.

Aprons with pockets


a cross-back bib apron is a way to go keep you comfortable while you work.

Hair sticking.

The waxed surface protects against hair sticking and does not require frequent cleaning.


Elevates salon or barbershop classes for clients

Custom-made apron for bartender, bar leather.

Custom apron for bartender


Tailoring allows you to look beautiful, elegant, and put together.


Breastplate with slots for pen, tweezers, and a large slot, perfect for business cards.


Provides a professional neat appearance.

Personalized apron for her and for him:


apron for her


Available in black and green color which is the best for baristas.


Protects against coffee stains and hot drink burn.


Long straps are ideal for a firm hold. No need to adjust during the day.


This product, handmade in a small workshop, emphasizes selectivity and excellent taste.

Customizable aprons for waiters, waitresses, and servers.

aprons for waiters


various colors and logo engraving to suit your brand and café theme.


The cotton blend wears extremely well and is breathable - Ideal for year-round wear.


It contains 4 compartments of different sizes for toting and check pads, pens, money, and other working essentials.

Aprons for men for professions: carpenters, woodworking.

Aprons for men

Crossing straps.

Wide x-crossing straps on the back help to distribute weight on the shoulders leaving the neck free of pressure.

One size.

Fits most people of all genders and body types.


One large main one and two more on top for frequently used small tools. One thick leather pocket for storing your phone.


Welding Aprons


Stress points withstand heavy loads due to reinforced threads.


It is long enough to offer some protection against flying objects. More complete coverage One size fits all. Long straps are perfect to secure and firm holds.

These beautiful aprons for women are suitable for professions such as florist, and gardening.

aprons for women

Water-resistant (waterproof).

Cleaning is not the issue if your apron is waxed. Your clothes remain dry and clean.

Simple construction. The apron is easy to put on if your hands are dirty or wet.


It doesn’t restrict movements or weigh you down.


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Personalized Aprons for Men and Women

There is no one-size-fits-all, and this is especially true of aprons. Women's needs differ from men's, and even people in the same profession may have other preferences.

Wouldn't it be great if you could create your perfect apron? Finding the right product would be solved in just a few clicks. Plus, you could be proud of your work!

Whether you're a woman or a man, now you can create the perfect apron by making it custom order in our online store! In just a few minutes, you will get your unique apron for various professions, which will meet all your requirements.

So this apron will be perfect for both men and women. Because everyone can choose their design, color, logo, initials of their name or brand, and material, as well as choose a tailoring design from the available.

Apron will be created to order as a single copy, for example, for the whole restaurant, cafe, bar, any other institution, and even for the entire family!

Where Can You Use olpr Apron?

Interesting fact: over 98% of Americans prefer homemade food. It means an apron is inevitable at least for this purpose. However, following the development of different industries, aprons became increasingly important for other needs:

• Welding;
• Grilling;
• Gardening;
• Woodworking;
• Crafts;
• Broidery and others.
Also, it is often used by men and women working in the garden.


What is the Best Material For an Apron?

Aprons' ideal materials or fabrics are 100% cotton (canvas, waxed canvas or denim) or poly/blend. Waxed canvas aprons are the best value-for-money choice. They are durable, spill, spark and chip resistant, easy to clean and inexpensive.

How is a Personalized Apron Made?

Start by choosing the fabric, color and style of apron you want. Then you can personalize the apron by adding your logo, initials, engraved name, or the name of your business; you can make the product unique. You can also contact our knowledgeable team for more help, and they will work with you to materialize your ideas at a fair price.

Why Use a Waxed Apron?

Aprons made of leather often last longer but cost more money and need more maintenance. We use waxed canvas because it resists spills, sparks, and splinters, is easy to maintain and doesn't come with a hefty price tag.

What Distinguishes a Waxed Apron From a Non-Waxed Apron?

A waxed apron differs from a non-waxed apron primarily in fabric. Waxed aprons are made of cotton fabric that has been water-resistantly treated with beeswax or resin. This fabric is widely used for work aprons because of its increased durability and less sensitivity to stains. On the other hand, an apron without wax is made of pure cotton without any water-repellent treatment. You can choose whether or not to wax the apron based on what you want to do while wearing it. If you're going to use the apron as outdoor clothing, consider buying an apron treated with beeswax or resin to make it more resilient and less prone to staining when wet.

What Benefits Come With Using a Leather Apron?

Leather aprons are an excellent method to shield your clothing from dirt, spills, and splashes. Wearing one is also a bright idea if you have allergies or sensitive skin. Since the leather aprons are constructed entirely of genuine leather, they are strong and supple to the touch. You may select the best match your taste because they come in various colors and styles.

What is a Waitress's Aapron Called?

A bib apron is another name for a waitress's apron. As the name implies, these aprons protect the torso from moisture and the ingress of various types of dirt. This design features ties at the waist, a loop around the neck, and a hem slightly above the knee length.

What is a Leather Apron Used for?

Most commonly, leather aprons cover the entire front of the body. Protect the person and their clothing from heat, sharp objects, stains, and chemicals (such as shoe glue).

Why do I Need a Leather Apron?

A leather apron protects the body and clothing from stains, chemicals such as shoe glue, heat, and sharp objects. It is usually worn over the entire front of the body. This type of apron is often used by barbers, welders, cobblers, blacksmiths, woodworkers, gardeners, metal workers, bartenders, and others.


Custom aprons from olpr are made of high-quality, soft, and comfortable material. Our products boast a number of favorable characteristics, such as the following:

• Stylish and cute;
• Having an adjustable strap that guarantees comfort;
• Personalized;
• QA.