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Best Gifts for Business Owners: Unique Gift Ideas for Businessmen

Updated 2023/01/20

People who own a business, or are starting a new business, need all the help they can get. Aside from using their business services, you can help by getting gifts for business owners. The best gifts for business owners are gifts that make it easier to perform their job.

Comparison Table

Below is a comparison of the best gifts for business owners. If you are in a hurry and cannot read the entire article, check out the comparison table to make your decision.

Leather Mini Journals - a Great Gift Idea for Any Businessman

Leather Mini Journal with Pen - Best Journal for Business Owners 

This mini leather journal is made of natural and durable Milwaukee leather.

It has a pen slot and a paper insert, and it is a perfect fit for extra small Moleskine volant notebooks. 


Buyer's Guide

This handmade mini journal is small enough to fit in pockets and small bag compartments. It is available on olpr.'s website in four colors: black, natural, chestnut, and blue. 

The mini leather journal with a pen holder is one of those perfect gifts for business owners. It is an excellent gift for business owners who prefer writing things (thoughts, inspirations, business ideas, etc.) down over typing into a computer. 

The leather used in making this mini journal comes from the upper part of the cowhide; this part has scratches, markings, etc., from the cow. So, you may notice that the leather has some imperfections, but these will make the journal a beautiful patina as time goes on. 

As stated earlier, you can customize this mini journal. olpr. offers customization of this journal in two ways: debossing and engraving. 

You may choose to deboss the initials or name of your business owner friend. Or you may decide to engrave images or letters on the mini journal to customize this unique gift. 

Pros and Cons 

There are many pros to this Milwaukee leather mini journal with pen, which is why it is highly recommended as a business-warming gift. One of the pros of this mini leather journal is that it is handmade with durable, natural cowhide. The unspoken part of this is that it will last for years, unlike products made with fake leather. 

Another benefit attached to this product is that the cover is refillable. Thus, if/when the extra small moleskin volant notebook it contains is exhausted, the business owner can buy another notebook. All the person needs to do is replace the old notebook with the new one in the journal cover. 

olpr. proffers the option of personalizing most of its products, and the mini leather journal (with a pen) is not exempt. The choice of personalized gifts is a pro because it makes your gift even more thoughtful to your friend who may be a new business owner or a small business owner. 

This product might be considered a con because the leather is handmade, so its color may be a bit different from the pictured product. This difference is because dye affects the hides of leather in different ways. 

Brown Leather Mini Journal
Black Leather Mini Journal

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Traditional Leather Padfolio - Perfect Gift for New Business Owners

Milwaukee Leather Padfolio - Best Traditional Padfolio

The Milwaukee leather traditional padfolio is an excellent gift for anyone, from students to artists to new business owners. Why is it a good gift for someone starting a business or already having a business? 

This traditional leather padfolio is a notebook cover that protects notebooks. It is perfect for organization and writing your thoughts down.

It is equipped with other useful features for better organization: pockets for cards and an elastic band to hold a pen. 

Buyer's Guide 

The Milwaukee leather traditional padfolio includes one paper insert and a refill in the form of an Amazon Basics notepad. 

Also, you may choose to customize the gift by engraving or debossing the initials or names of your friend. 

Like all of olpr.'s products, the product is handmade with the finest and richest leather. You should buy this as a "congratulations" gift for a new business opening. The traditional leather padfolio is available in three colors: black, natural, and chestnut.

Pros and Cons

The traditional padfolio available on olpr.'s store is refillable; if/when the Amazon Basics notepad is completely used, you can replace it with a new one. olpr. offers a refill of the Amazon Basics notepad with your purchase. 

This product is stitched by hand, so you can rest assured that the stitching is durable and of the highest quality. Also, the Milwaukee leather traditional padfolio is available in two sizes: 5" x 8" (13 x 20 cm) and 8.5" x 11.75" (22 x 30 cm). 

It is important to note that these sizes correspond with the Amazon Basics notepads. 

A downside of this traditional padfolio is that because the leather is dyed, it may be lighter or darker than what is depicted on the olpr. website. 

brown leather padfolio
black leather padfolio
Leather padfolio - natural color

Best Professional Leather Padfolio

Milwaukee Leather Padfolio - Best Professional Padfolio 

The professional leather padfolio is a modern twist on a classic design, with the design in question being the traditional leather padfolio. It is an excellent organizer with slots for cards, pens, and a classic Moleskine A4 journal. 

You should consider buying this padfolio for people starting a business. It is excellent for organization and looks good with its hand-stitched edges. The Milwaukee leather professional padfolio is available on olpr.'s website in three colors: chestnut, natural, and black.

Buyer's Guide 

The Milwaukee leather professional padfolio differs from the traditional leather padfolio in several ways, and the differences will be highlighted. 

Unlike the traditional leather padfolio, which has a single elastic loop for a pen, the Milwaukee leather professional padfolio has three elastic loops to hold pens. 

Also, the professional padfolio uses a different refill from the traditional padfolio; where the traditional padfolio uses Amazon Basics notepads, its professional counterpart uses Classic Moleskine A4. 

The padfolio is made of pig leather to make switching out the refill an easier task. Pig leather is softer and more flexible than cow leather. The professional padfolio has slots and pockets for personal items such as cards, iPhones, and iPads.

Pros and Cons 

One of the most significant pros of this product is that it is made from natural leather rather than faux leather. Because of this, and with the assurance of quality workmanship from olpr., you can be sure that the professional padfolio will last for a long time. 

Another point in favor of this padfolio is the option to customize it by engraving or debossing names/initials or a logo. 

professional black leather padfolio
brown leather parfolio professional

Leather Desk Pads - Suitable for Business Owners Who Often Work at Their Desks

Best Leather Desk Pad for Business Owners

This leather desk pad available on the olpr. store is specially handcrafted to be a smooth and comfortable surface for your hands, your computer, notebooks, mobile devices, and any other item placed on it. 

It is a perfect gift for friends and family who spend time at their desks, and business owners fall into this category. The leather desk pad adds sophistication to the desks and tables on which it is placed. 

Buyer's Guide

This product is available in four colors, so you do not have to feel limited by your choices. It comes in blue, natural, black, and chestnut. 

You can purchase it in different sizes, considering the desk's dimensions on which it will be placed. The leather desk pad is available for purchase in the following sizes: 13″ x 18″, 16″ x 24″, 20″ x 34″, and 24″ x 36″.

The back of the desk pad is grainy leather, making it non-slip. With this surface, you do not have to worry about the desk pad sliding around on the desk.

Pros and Cons

This desk pad may work as a mousepad if it is wide or long enough to hold a mouse, among other things. Another pro is that the leather desk pad is waterproof, so spills will not affect the desk underneath. 

Something that may be considered a con by some people is that you olpr. does not offer the option to customize or personalize the desk pad. This means there are no options to engrave or deboss names, logos, or initials of the person who will receive the gift. 

Felt Desk Pad - Dark Grey
black leather desl pad
brown  leather desk pad

Best Leather MacBook Sleeve for Protecting MacBooks

Best Italian Leather MacBook Sleeve for Protecting MacBooks

This handmade MacBook sleeve made of Italian leather is the perfect sleeve for anyone who owns a MacBook.

It is an excellent gift for a business owner who wants to worry less about their MacBook getting scratches, nicks, or other damage from falling from a small height. 

The leather sleeve protects your MacBook when it is not in use, and the leather is soft and smooth enough to make it a pleasant experience to carry the MacBook in the sleeve. 

Buyer's Guide 

The leather used in the making of this MacBook sleeve is tanned in the region of Tuscany, Italy. It is made from cowhide, and the hide is uncorrected, so the scars and marks from the cow are all visible.  

The MacBook sleeve is available in different sizes, and the dimensions depend on the specific MacBook model. The models with MacBook sleeves on the olpr. site are  Air 13, Pro 13, Pro 16, Pro 14 2021, Pro 16 2021, MacBook Air (M2 2022), and MacBook Pro 13in (M2 2022). 

This product is available in red, cream, blue, and brown colors. The inner part of the sleeve is lined with felt.

Pros and Cons

The Italian leather sleeve serves as protection against spills. So when your MacBook is in the sleeve, you need not worry about water or other liquid spilling on your device. 

This sleeve has a minimal and functional design that makes it compact enough to fit in a bag if there is a need to do so. 

This Italian leather sleeve should be a go-to for people with MacBooks, but is there a downside to it? A possible downside is that you cannot customize it on olpr.'s website. 


MacBook Leather Sleeve for Ultra Protection

Leather MacBook Sleeve with Wool Lining - Best MacBook Sleeve for Ultra Protection

This MacBook sleeve is similar to the aforementioned in numerous ways, except for one thing: whereas the previous leather MacBook sleeve is lined with felt, this one is lined with wool. 

It is, of course, great for keeping your MacBook safe from harm when it is not in use.

This leather sleeve also protects your MacBook when you carry it around from location to location. 

Buyer's Guide 

The leather MacBook sleeve with wool lining, which you can buy from olpr.'s website, is in natural, chestnut, black, blue, grey, and orange colors. Just like the MacBook sleeve with felt lining, this one is obtainable in different sizes. 

The different sizes of sleeves are reliant on the following MacBook models: Air 13, Pro 13, Pro 16, Pro 14 2021, Pro 16 2021, MacBook Air (M2 2022), and MacBook Pro 13in (M2 2022)

Pros and Cons

olpr. crafts its leather products by hand to ensure that they are of the highest quality; the leather MacBook sleeve with wool lining is not exempt from this. 

However, this product is not customizable, which may be a downside to some people who want to gift their friends and family more personalized gifts. 


Leather Wireless Charger is the Perfect Gift Idea for All Businessmen

Best iPhone / Galaxy Leather Wireless Charger for Wireless Charging

Wireless charging is the future, especially in an office where wires are used as little as possible. This custom-made leather wireless charger for iPhone and Samsung Galaxy devices will look good on a desk. 

Why have a regular wireless charger when you can have one that complements the classic look of your office? Aside from the aesthetic value it would add to a person's office; an extra charger is always appreciated. 

Buyer's Guide

This leather wireless charger is compatible with particular iPhone and Samsung Galaxy products, including iPhone 11/11 Pro Max, iPhone XS Max/XR/XS/X, iPhone 8/8+, Galaxy Note 10/Note 10+, Galaxy S10/S10+/S10E. 

The wireless charger comes in the colors black and natural. 

Pros and Cons

A pro of this wireless charger is it is fast charging and therefore charges devices quickly. This makes it an amazingly appropriate gift for your friend who owns a business because they do not have to sit around for too long waiting for their phones to charge. 

Leather Apple Watch Bands - For Business Owners Who Use Apple Watches

Milwaukee Leather Apple Watch Band - Best Leather Bands for Apple Watches

Leather watch bands have always been a timeless, classy look and olpr. knows that. This Apple watch band is made from durable Milwaukee leather. The leather strap beautifies the watch face, and the best part is that leather watches such as this one complement different outfits. 

This leather band for Apple watches can be used immediately, as all the necessary hardware is already installed. 

Buyer's Guide 

The olpr. team makes use of flexible and breathable leather, ensuring that the watch strap adjusts to your wrist after some use. This Apple watch band is available in four colors: chestnut, black, blue, and natural. 

This watch band has a lot going for it in terms of customization. You can choose the thread color of the band; the choices are a default color that matches the leather band and another color of your choosing. The latter incurs an additional $5. olpr. lets you choose between black and silver for the color of the watch's adapter. 

The leather Apple watch band is available for sale in three sizes based on one's wrist size. The wrist sizes and their corresponding measurements are Short, which ranges from 5.1 to 6.2 inches (13-16 cm); Regular, which is from 5.7 to 7.4 inches (14.5-19 cm); and Long, which spans from 6.2 to 8.25 inches (16-20.5 cm). 


Pros and Cons

A massive pro of this leather Apple watch band is that it allows for customization. You have the option to personalize this watch band by engraving the initials or name of the person on the receiving end. 

Leather Wallets - Always a Winning Gift

Minimal Bifold Wallet - The Best Minimalistic Leather Wallet 

Minimal bifold wallets have two sides which contain numerous slots for cards and cash. olpr. takes a minimalistic approach in the making of this wallet. The wallet is perfectly functional without unnecessary compartments that would make it difficult to transport or safeguard. 

But this minimalistic approach does not mean that the wallet is unfashionable or unstylish. It is quite the opposite; this wallet is classy in its looks and approach. 

Buyer's Guide

The minimal bifold wallet has six pockets/slots for cards. There are two slots on each side, an additional pocket below each card slot, and a slot for cash.

The wallet comes in colors black, natural, and chestnut. You can personalize this wallet by debossing letters on it; it is essential to note that olpr. can deboss up to three letters on the journal free of charge. 


Pros and Cons

A pro of this product is the option to personalize it by debossing. 

Leather Backpacks - Best Gift for Businessmen Who Travel a Lot

Crazy Horse Leather Backpack City - The Best Backpack for Business Owners 

A leather backpack is helpful in so many ways; not only do you have a lot of space for personal items, but it also looks stylish. Add in a backpack made of Crazy Horse Leather, and you have a backpack that is durable, soft to the touch, and fashionable. 

This backpack is perfect for different kinds of people in various professions. A business owner has many uses for this bag: they can put work documents in it and use it on a business trip. So, getting this as a gift for a business owner is not farfetched. 

Buyer's Guide 

This backpack embodies the words 'comfort' and 'convenience.'

It has a large compartment for holding items ranging from notebooks to shoes to dress shirts. Inside the bag is a section that can hold smaller laptops, tablets, etc. The bag even features a 'secret' pocket with a zip. 

It is available in two colors: chocolate and black. 

Pros and Cons

The use of Crazy Horse Leather in making this backpack is a huge point in favor of the backpack. Crazy Horse Leather can last for more than 20 years and becomes even more beautiful as time passes. This eventual transformation is because Crazy Horse Leather is full-grain leather. 

Rather than wear out because of the passing of time and usage, full-grain leather develops a patina, i.e., it becomes better with age. This Crazy Horse Leather backpack cannot be personalized on olpr.'s site. 


Leather Bags - Huge Selection of Products for Business Owners

Leather Man Work Bag

The leather man work bag is a messenger bag that is perfect for work. It is highly functional while lending its handler a smart look.

The work bag enjoys versatility in the people who enjoy its use: from students to business owners to travelers. 

Buyer's Guide 

The leather man work bag is made from Milwaukee leather. It has a handle and a shoulder strap so you or your friend can carry it in different ways. 

The work bag has multiple compartments so the owner can store their items, including a tablet and a 15" laptop. This bag is not at all lacking when it comes to compartments. 

Pros and Cons

A pro is that the leather man work bag has a secret pocket protected by a zipper; you can keep personal items in this area. The work bag is also available in navy, tan, green, and natural colors. 


Leather Watch Rolls - for Businessmen Who Love Their Watches

Crazy Horse Leather Watch Roll

The Crazy Horse Leather watch roll is perfect for those who collect watches and want to protect them from potential destruction. 

This leather is handcrafted to be durable enough to protect your watches from scuffs, dirt, marks, etc. It is lightweight and small enough to travel or move around with. 

Buyer's Guide 

This leather watch roll has five pockets to keep watches safe and an adjustable leather strap that holds the wrap tight and in place. 

Pros and Cons

The Crazy Horse Leather watch roll uses only the highest quality materials; its stitches are done by hand with high-quality nylon thread, without forgetting that it is made from Crazy Horse Leather.  

Also, you may personalize this product by debossing initials on it.


Question: What is a good gift for a new business owner?

Answer: A good gift for a new business owner should motivate and comfort them. Gifts such as journals, business card holders, and refillable notepads are good gifts for new business owners. 

Question: What do you get a businessman?

Answer: A businessman needs gifts to help grow his business, so you should get gifts like Moleskine notebooks, a good backup charger, work bags, or backpacks.

Question: What should not be given as a gift?

Answer: You should never give someone a gift you are sure they will not like. Nor should you give gifts that are too personal (when you don't have a close-enough relationship with the recipient). 

Question: What to buy someone who owns a small business?

Answer: Someone who owns a small business needs items that make the job easier. Some of these things include notebooks, wallets, and sleeves for their personal computers.


There are many gifts that new or small business owners would greatly appreciate. These gifts are helpful to them in some way or another, especially concerning their business. 

It would be best if you bought a gift for a business owner after considering what they like and need. 

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