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Leather Mouse Pad Horween - Brown

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Amazing Leather Mouse Pad - Classic Brown

Combine it with olpr's desk pad to complete your desk's look

Nowadays true professionals can not imagine their work desk without a laptop. And many of us prefer to use a mouse for better productivity. If you already have our leather desk pad you know the ideal balance of hardness and stability.

Milwaukee leather mouse pad will make your desk look much more professional and considered. Made from genuine cowhide, these have a distressed finish which ensures that every item has unique pattern and is handcrafted just for you. It will perfectly match your desk pad, making amazing set for your work table.

Leather mouse pad is perfectly smooth and has special natural surface that allows laser mouse to glide easily and not to lose connection. This mouse pad is very durable and nice to touch. It protects your desk from damage and is great for adding a sense of change to your desk too; the ideal finish for a more professional looking mouse pad.

Take a look at this all-brown leather mouse pad, and you can add a stylish look to your desk. It’s great for adding a sense of focus to the desk, leaving you with an obvious focal point to work from. Now, you can easily point and click knowing your mouse can glide around with ease.

  • Designed using our in-house, usually made to order.
  • Simple design that works in both personal and professional use.
  • The ideal choice of leather desk pad for those who want something luxurious.
  • Distinctive thing with its own unique finish.

Leather as Distinctive Feature

OLPR takes pride in using the finest leathers that will offer your desk or table superior protection. Leather has a soft finish that feels great on your skin as you work. The natural grain of the leather has not been sanded or snuffed out, maintaining the natural beauty of the quality leather. This natural grain creates a non-slip finish for your mouse pad surface. Leather retains its natural oils and provides you with a smooth surface for writing and also for use as a mousepad.

Our leather mouse mat is of simple, rectangular design featuring the perfect stitching of our crafters. Our mouse mat comes in one standard size, but can be ordered in custom sizes to suit your individual desk or table.

Type Leather Mouse Pad


Milwaukee Leather




Leather Mouse Pad Milwaukee - Brown


7.9″ x 9.9″


Craft Paper



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Leather Mouse Pad Horween - Brown