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Horween Leather Desk Pad - Brown

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Incredible Brown Leather Desk Pad

Our simple leather desk pad is handcrafted from high-quality Chromexcel leather providing a luxurious accessory for your desk.

It has a smooth surface, soft for your hands and a perfect cushion for writing.

It provides a non-slip surface for your desk that works as a mousepad. And, it offers waterproof protection for your wooden desk or table surface.








The simple design with perfectly stitched edging comes in 4 standard sizes.

OLPR Leather Goods Company offers you this stylish brown leather desk pad. A perfect gift for the executive or scholar in your life, this minimalist leather desk mat is carefully handcrafted of high-quality Chromexcel leather sourced from Horween Tannery.

Our luxurious desk pad lends a sophisticated look to any table or desk.

Key Features:

  • Horween Chromexcel brown leather
  • Made in the United States to order
  • If you need a custom size, please, contact us
  • Simple masculine design

Leather as Distinctive Feature

OLPR takes pride in using the finest leathers that will offer your desk or table superior protection. Chromexcel leather has a soft finish that feels great on your skin as you work. The natural grain of the leather has not been sanded or snuffed out, maintaining the natural beauty of the quality leather. This natural grain creates a non-slip finish for your desk mat surface.

Chromexcel leather retains its natural oils and provides you with a smooth surface for writing and also for use as a mousepad. In addition, these natural oils in your leather desk pad provide a waterproof surface for your water bottle or coffee mug providing protection for wooden surfaces.

Our leather desk mat is of simple, rectangular design featuring the perfect stitching of our crafters. Our desk mat comes in one standard size, but can be ordered in custom sizes to suit your individual desk or table.

Type Leather Desk Pad


Horween Chromexcel Leather




Horween Leather Desk Pad - Brown

Available Sizes

13″ x 18″
16″ x 24″
20″ x 34″
24″ x 36″


Craft Paper



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