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Leather Desk Pads

Leather desk pads by olpr USA - take your desk to the next level with luxurious and functional handmade products!

Handcrafted in the USA from full-grain Horween leather, these pads aren't just a decorative piece – they protect your table from damage during various activities. Perfect for the modern executive or the average user who spends time in front of a computer or laptop, our desk pads offer both convenience and elegance.

Personalize yours to seamlessly blend with your workspace decor and elevate your daily tasks. Beyond aesthetics, it's the protection, style, and craftsmanship you never knew you needed. Make every writing, drawing, or working moment a premium experience.

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Leather Mouse Pad Milwaukee - Black Desk Pad - olpr.
Leather Mouse Pad Milwaukee - Black
Regular price$20.00
Italian Leather Table Mat - Blue Desk Pad - olpr.Italian Leather Table Mat - Blue Desk Pad - olpr.
Italian Leather Table Mat - Blue
From $65.00
Leather Mouse Pad Horween - Brown Desk Pad - olpr.Leather Mouse Pad Horween - Brown Desk Pad - olpr.
Leather Mouse Pad Horween - Brown
Regular price$20.00
Leather Placemat Milwaukee - Tan Desk Pad - olpr.Leather Placemat Milwaukee - Tan Desk Pad - olpr.
Leather Placemat Milwaukee - Tan
Regular price$65.00$46.00
Leather Placemat Milwaukee - Dark Chocolate Desk Pad - olpr.Leather Placemat Milwaukee - Dark Chocolate Desk Pad - olpr.
Leather Placemat Milwaukee - Dark Chocolate
Regular price$65.00$46.00

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Why Do You Need Leather Desk Pads (Desk Mats)?

You want your workplace to look unique, don’t you? olpr. is a customer-oriented company that matches all the desires and requirements. We offer only the best pads made of high-quality, full-grain leather to satisfy your needs.

Why may you need a leather mat? Just because it is convenient, safe, simple, attractive, and many other reasons. With olpr. even such a common thing as a desk blotter can be a luxury item complementing your home or office decor, which will enhance the overall atmosphere in your workspace.

Important fact: striving to provide customers with maximal convenience and comfort, the company offers pads in various sizes – from small to large.

Store Advantages 

Are you used to having simple DIY things around you? Place your order at olpr. and have completely new feelings. A wide range of options offered here are combined with other beneficial services, such as the following:

  • ✓ Instant order processing;
  • ✓ Quality Horween full grain leather;
  • ✓ Customization;
  • ✓ Made in the US.


Why do I Need a Leather Desk Pad?

The short answer is desk pads aren't just about aesthetics, but they significantly enhance your office setup in terms of protection and functionality. Besides giving your office desk a classy look, they safeguard your desktop against scratches and spills. Leather desk pads can serve as a smooth writing surface, a dependable keyboard and mouse cushion, and help you organize your home office space better!

What's so Special About a Genuine Leather Desk Mat?

A leather desk pad is like the Cadillac of desk pads. Its luxurious feel instantly upgrades your workspace. An excellent writing surface can be matched to any office space decor. It is incredibly durable, resistant to wear and tear, and provides first-class protection for desks, especially wooden desks, against scratches.

Is a Leather Writing Pad the Same as a Leather Desk Pad?

A leather desk pad can act as a writing pad, providing a firm and smooth writing surface. But its functions go beyond. It enhances your home office aesthetics, protects your desktop from physical damage, and acts as a cushion for your keyboard and mouse.

What is PU Leather, and Why is it Used in Desk Pads?

PU leather, or polyurethane leather, is a synthetic version of genuine leather. It is used in desktop tablets because it provides a good appearance like genuine leather, but at a lower price. A polyurethane leather desk pad or polyurethane leather desk pad provides a comfortable writing surface, protects the desk from scratches and gives the office space an elegant look. But you need to keep in mind that the quality, appearance and durability of leather products are much better than polyurethane leather products.

What's the Best Size for a Leather Desk Pad?

Picking the right size depends on how big your desk is and how you plan to use it. A super big, natural leather desk mat can cover a big chunk of your office desk and give you plenty of room to work with. Contact olpr customer service and we'll be happy to help you find the perfect size!