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Soft Leather Belt Bag - Blue

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Soft Blue Belt Bag - Get More Freedom

Are you on the lookout for a cool and creative looking bag? Then you need to know what you are in the mood for. Many times, finding a bag that is going to suit just about any look can be tough work. When you worry that this might be the case, we recommend that you look for a blue leather belt bag. Easy to use and with a simple design that stands out almost instantly, this is a bag that works ideally as well for a formal event as it does for a day-to-day shopping trip.

When you are looking for a leather bag that is going to stay in perfectly good condition, knowing where to begin your search is tough. This blue leather bag is made from stylish and soft floater leather, making sure that it retains a sense of eloquence and elegance that you can easily fall in love with. The classic, simple design ensures that you never feel out of place when using this. Meanwhile, the extra zipper pockets will make sure that you always have space for carrying around what you need, when you need it.

Functional and Beautiful

If you are looking to carry around a bag that you don’t need to physically hold, too, this is a good place to start. By giving you total freedom of movement, this blue leather belt bag ensures that you never need to feel as if you are carrying too much at any time. It’s even got the chance for you to wear it around the waist or even cross-body, making sure you have numerous ways to wear this blue leather belt bag to complete the look that you feel suits you most.

  • Made from adorable handmade floater leather that looks excellent every time.
  • Comes in a blue colour with a classic, lasting design that you’ll love.
  • 2 zipped pockets with durable lining makes storing all of your essentials nice and easy.
  • Fashionable bag design that should work well with just about any kind of look you go for.
  • Excellent and high standard of value for money, making sure you get lots of value.
  • Adjustable strap that can be put around the waist, across the body, or elsewhere.
  • Environmentally friendly material used to leave you with an bidegradable bag to wear.
  • Perfect for everyday usage.
Type Belt Bag


Genuine Floater Leather




Soft Leather Belt Bag - Blue

Country of Production


Closure Type

Zipper closure


2 pockets
Key carabiner


Craft Paper


5 1/2"

Top Width

12 1/4"



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Soft Leather Belt Bag - Blue