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Apple Watch Cuff Band Of Milwaukee Leather - Black

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Apple Watch Leather Cuff for Your Style

Sleek Apple Watch Leather Cuff to Match Your Style

If you own an Apple Watch, you don’t have to sacrifice your style, but you can stand out with an Apple Watch cuff band. This leather cuff Apple Watch band features a classic design with attention to detail and clean, delicate lines that create a vibrant fashion statement. Rather than changing your cuffs regularly, you can enjoy a timeless classic design with this cuff watch strap. Enjoy the luxe design of this handmade, natural Apple Watch leather cuff.

About the Leather

The cuff watch band for Apple is made with full-grain leather and is chrome-tanned for the best quality. It has a natural leather design, from the wrinkles to the scars, which gives the cuff band Apple Watch a timeless and natural look. The brown color of the cuff watch band Apple Watch is also natural and timeless, giving watch owners a good look.

Note About the Leather

The Apple Watch cuff is handmade with attention to detail, and while this is a timeless style, know that it can change in color. It can be lighter or darker than indicated in the picture since each leather hide reacts to the dyeing process differently.

The leather for the cuff Apple Watch band comes from the upper part of the cowhide, which is the strongest. This offers top-notch durability and high quality, and our experts preserve the natural markings. This leaves you with a one-of-a-kind Apple Watch band cuff that stands out wherever you go.

Main Features

Here are the main features of the leather cuff watch bands for your Apple device:

  • Milwaukee leather.
  • Three sizes of the strap length.
  • Black color.
  • Handmade in the USA.
  • Durable stitching.
  • Choose an adaptor color.

Please Note

Due to the handmade nature, this leather is subject to changes in color, sometimes it can be lighter / darker than in the picture as each hide reacts to the dyeing process differently. This leather comes from the upper part of the cowhide, where the hide is the strongest, with all natural markings and imperfections preserved. This leather is of high quality, as it ages it develops a patina turning your particular piece to a one of a kind item with unique pattern and vintage look.

About the leather
Type Apple Watch Leather Band


Milwaukee Leather




Apple Watch Cuff Band of Milwaukee Leather - Black


Short: 5.1 – 6.2 inches (13-16 cm)

Regular: 5.7 – 7.4 inches (14.5-19 cm)

Long: 6.2 – 8.25 inches (16-20.5 cm)

Band Width


Band Thickness


Compatible with

All Apple watches





Adaptor color

Silver or black


Not available

Country of Production


Customer Reviews

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This Cuff Band is simply amazing. The quality of the leather is incredible, soft and supple. The craftsman is very good, a simple yet rugged design. I won’t take it off for awhile.

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Apple Watch Cuff Band Of Milwaukee Leather - Black