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How to soften leather the right way

How to soften leather the right way

When it comes to working with leather, finding a good quality leather softener is always a good idea. As you might know, leather can often become cracked, damaged, dried out, or otherwise week over time. Continuous wearing of that leather will create a change in how it looks. If you want to learn how to make leather softer, we have some ideas for you below to help you get the right kind of finish.

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Investing in a leather softener 

First off, we recommend that you invest in a leather softener as soon as you can. They will be the ideal solution to learn how to soften leather easily. However, the problem with buying something like this comes from the fact that you have so many different kinds of leather.

The various methods and products that you can use will make it tough to work out just what you want to do. For example, dealing with stiff leather will be different to dealing with old leather. And dry leather will take a different style again. Keep in mind, then, that not every leather softener is going to be suitable for all of your leather needs.






How to soften old leather 

When it comes to helping out old leather, you might wonder how to go about making it a bit more effective. Typically, if you want to learn how to soften old leather – or even how to soften new leather – then you should look at buying a good quality leather conditioner. Leather conditioners are very useful, as it will help to give the leather some form of lubrication that was previously missing

It’s recommended that you do this with both new and old leather. Why? Because it will ensure that the leather can continue to move and blend with your body. While old leather might already be showing signs of wear and tear, leather softening conditioner will still be good to use.

It will help to give you a durable and stylish looking leather that is grease-free. Make sure you buy a leather softening conditioner, though; homemade substances made from over-the-counter oils are often going to leave the jacket looking weak, damaged, and sickly. Avoid that and instead invest in a quality leather conditioner, and you can bring an old piece of leather back to life.

Is it possible to learn how to soften hard leather? 

If you are working with hard leather material, you might wonder what you can do to make it feel a bit nicer. While you could use some leather softening oil as above, what softens leather that is already quite tough would be heat.

If you are the owner of a tumble dryer, then we highly recommend that you throw your hard leather items into the dryer. The reason why this works is that, when placed on a medium-level heat, you can loosen leather.

This is one of the best methods to use if you aren’t looking to buy any products to soften hard leather. If you wish to know how to soften new leather that is quite hard, too, this same solution will work.

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The reason why throwing it in the dryer works so well is that, with the heat and the constant spinning of the drum, the leather gets an experience that is akin to wearing it for the long-term. 

Many new leathers can feel too stodgy and tough, which can make wearing them quite an uncomfortable experience. If you would like to avoid such an experience, then it does make sense to invest in a tumble dryer to spin them around in. However, try and keep the following in mind:

  • You must use medium heat; anything above or below that could have adverse impact.
  • The timing is important, too. To soften stiff leather, 10-15 minutes is enough.
  • If you go over the 10-50 minutes mark, though, you run the risk of ruining the leather!
  • It will eventually shrink or even scorch, which will ruin the leather entirely.
  • Don’t put wet leather in, either; bone-dry or slightly damp is the right condition.
  • If you want more power and friction to the leather, throw in some heavier shoe, too.

Can you soften dry leather, too? 

When you have dried out leather, one of the worst things that you can do is let it dry out any further. Dry leather is damaged leather, and damaged leather is prone to snapping, cracking, and other forms of aesthetic damage. To soften dry leather, we recommend that you look to use a chemical softening product. Homemade products are often not strong enough or could have adverse impact, so avoid making a chemical softening solution at home.

They might cost you a fair amount of money, but it will save you a lot of time and ensure your leather is good to wear quickly. This will make sure that you get a much simpler solution – and the various kinds of leather softening agent out there should make it easy to find a solution. You could even try and use some leather softening oil, as you would have done with the old leather.

A good solution for making a leather item better is to use a product with flaxseed oil in it. A touch of flaxseed oil can go a long way to making sure that your product is going to look and feel much stronger to touch.

Overall, though, the best thing that you can do is use some paraffin or some wax on the rough parts of your leather product. Another good choice is to put some Vaseline on the surface, especially if you are dealing with shoes.

With so many options to work with, it’s so easy to learn how to loosen leather. Our only suggestion is that you spend some time looking into the kind of leather item you want to soften. Certain items might not be suited to certain kinds of solution, so read into the leather softening oil products you might wish to use. Before you apply it, look around to find out if the substance is safe enough for the kind of leather you are working with.

Generally, though, it’s very easy to make leather soft. Follow along with our guide, and you should have no issue making sure your leather can stay in top condition for many years to come.

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