Handmade Leather Journals

If you are thinking of a great gift for your colleague or boss –  you have just found it. There is nothing better than a solid, well-made leather journal. Numerous tasks and notes all over the table and even under it will now find its place in a smooth journal, with additional pockets.

The USA made Horween Leather is a guarantee of high quality and unique look. Any journal covered with a specially designed cover will look extraordinary, showing elegance and style of its owner. Our artisans can create any image and realise the bravest idea.

The gift is going to impress everyone, and we are sure that once ordered such an item, you will remain our loyal client forever. Just imagine, how easy can be the negotiation with the difficult customer, when he understands your business level, seeing your leather journal for notes.

Do not wait, help our experts to design perfect personalized leather journals especially for you! You will notice the difference, as soon as our worldwide delivery will place your individually created present in your hands. Straight stitches, multi-colored thread and various lettering and monogram possibilities – this is just a beginning of your new unforgettable experience with us.

Handmade leather journals are never lost or forgotten because you will never want to let it go. And, who knows, maybe it will become not only your business partner but your personal diary.

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