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Personalized Journal

When you have no ideas for interesting gifts because it looks like your giftee already has everything, it is time to show your imagination and shop for personalized leather journal.

A personalized item always evokes brighter emotions. Even a small and simple gift with personalization will not only be accepted with joy, but will always remind about a person who gave it.

There is no gift more unique than the one that has your name, favorite phrase or motto.

Journal With Engraving - Options

When you give leather journal with engraving:

- you emphasize your special attitude;

- you want to create and keep special connection with your giftee;

- you feel the power of turning an ordinary thing into a unique one.


This is only a great gift option for business partners, work colleagues or your boss, but also for your loved ones, friends and family members.

To buy an affordable and practical personalized item taking part in its creating – this is all possible with olpr. leather crafters.

Leather notebooks look especially stylish with embossing or engraving.

All notebooks from olpr. can be embossed with your initials (3 characters) absolutely for free. Embossing from 3 to 10 characters will cost extra $7. Embossing more than 10 characters we count at the rate of every 1 character for extra 1$.

You can also apply your favorite quote, simple image or logo using engraving. Choose your favorite quote up to 250 characters. We offer you to choose one of four classic fonts to make this quote looking the best.

Available fonts are Arial, Times New Roman. Segoe Script, Corsiva.