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Luggage Tags

It seems that people are obsessed with traveling and trips. Nowadays it is so easy to get from one part of the globe to another in a few hours.

One of those small problems, which can bring some inconvenience, can be the baggage loss. Of course, there is no great deal about it, but it is always better to make sure that your bag tag is updated with all necessary information and contacts.

It seems strange, that producers of good big bags do not pay attention to such an essential detail as leather luggage tags. Usually, it is always in bad conditions, due to often trips and time. The worst option is, that it can be lost even before the baggage loss itself. You may even not notice it!

It is not easy to protect yourself from the force majeure, but from now personalized leather luggage tags are not a reason to worry about. Nice small and comfortable, monogrammed leather luggage tags will always accompany you and your bag. The Horween Leather, used for production of all our products, guarantees 100% satisfaction and long-term duration. Because only the combination of talented professionals with the high-quality material can make you sure of choosing this or that item.

Moreover, a possibility of custom leather luggage tags, we produce, is a great chance to choose something, according to your tastes and wishes. You will not have to look for a piece of paper with your contacts or to worry that time or humidity can erase the address. Custom leather tags, produced by artisans of OleksynPrannyk, are perfectly personalized, owing to a rare technology of creation engraved leather luggage tags. It means that once you have chosen, leather type and color, stitches and design you will have embossed leather luggage tags with all your contacts carefully and safely engraved on it. Just think, how comfortable and relaxing your trip is going to be, when you do not have to be stressed about such a little, but important thing.

Choose your way to memorize all the necessary details for your favorite bag and make a gift for yourself. You can express so much deep feelings to your relatives, giving this lovely gift before a long and fascinating trip. Leather luggage tags, monogrammed with any text, can be not only a functional detail, but will also include a favorite quote or interesting phrase, which will make you smile.

Do not wait for better occasions or reasons to please yourself, buy a leather luggage tag with your initials and transform your bag into a must-have item!

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