Moleskine Leather Notebooks

Moleskine leather notebook is a great way to treat yourself or to bring a smile to someone that you care about. Just think about it for a second, remember when you were a kid it was always interesting to go through old photo albums and notebooks that were lying around.

You must admit it is much more fun to this the old fashion way, looking at actual photos and going through notebooks to get a glimpse of someone you love, how they were before you even existed. It is like a small adventure for you alone, way better than to just randomly click with your mouse and going through random folders on your computer. Even if the memories are your own, you open some box that you haven`t touched in ages and there is a custom Moleskine notebook with your thoughts and ideas from some years ago.

You see your own personal growth through these notebooks. This find is no ordinary notebook, to begin with, however, it would be much better if your journal is covered with a leather cover for Moleskine journal that was custom made for you. It has your engraving, it was masterfully handcrafted with careful attention to every detail. It is a part of you as much as are the words that you have written inside.

At olpr. every single journal or notebook is like this. They all come from one of the oldest tanneries in the US, the Horween tannery that is based in Chicago. All leather is treated the way it was for many decades past so while you are filling pages with text and creating your personal history, you are actively carrying a piece of the American history with you wherever you go, all personalized and custom made for you!

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