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Mini Journals

Journals are certainly a thing of the past and of a different era but having a bit of that old-school mindset in today`s world can be really rewarding. Don`t download yet another app you later won`t use, grab a minimalistic notebook with a pen and you are set to go!

The point is living life instead of just looking at it through a screen all of the time. Imagine going on an amazing hike. You get to the top and it is just so quiet and peaceful, so different from the tempo you are used to you can just sit back a bit and be alone with your thoughts you don`t need any modern gadget for that, just a cool journal with a pen. Maybe you will want to write down what comes to you in these rare moments of clarity. Going to a museum, instead of secretly trying to take pictures that you know you are not supposed to why not just enjoy them and experience them, see how they make you feel and write down your impressions, save those feelings.

Traveling, it is a beautiful thing that nurtures the soul and enlightens us with new outtakes on life, new experiences that change us for the better. Climbing a great mountain and looking out from the top can put in perspective just how little and irrelevant some of our usual problems actually are and how quickly these experiences can just make us feel better, more energized and just somehow richer as a person. The problem with today`s modern way of living is that it is just too fast sometimes. We never just stop to experience a moment, we take a thousand pictures of something and we don`t even know what it is or what it was used before that made it so famous in the first place.

Experience it! Travel journals with pockets will keep your memories and emotions in one place, together with your cards and other travel necessities all in grained leather in various colors that fit your pocket perfectly!

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