Top 10 Things to Do in Mooresville, NC

Top 10 Things to Do in Mooresville, NC
February 16, 2018 Sarah Brown
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things to do in mooresville nc

Mooresville is a beautiful, scenic, and historic city in the state of North Carolina. Mooresville is home to attractions such as museums, spas, lakes, and race centers. There’s something for everyone in the city of Mooresville, and that is why the team of olpr. loves the city so much. A trip to Mooresville should be on everyone’s bucket list because we believe everyone should experience the city’s beauty at least once.

When you plan a trip or a vacation to Mooresville or you’re out here for a short time visiting a friend or relative, you have to make the most of your time by visiting the beautiful and historic sites and partaking in one of the many activities available at different places in our wonderful city. Mooresville is also known as “Race City USA” because it is home to some of the most prestigious IndiCar and NASCAR racing teams and drivers in the United States.

If you ever find yourself in the city of Mooresville, North Carolina, here are some amazing things you can do to make it a trip to remember forever.

Take a tour of the Mill Village

Mill Village

Our team’s workshop is a part of the buildings that used to belong to the great and historic Mooresville Cotton Mills. The Mooresville Mill Village is a housing development for the cotton mill that has been in existence for over a century. Mooresville Cotton Mills initially built the village of 3-7 room cottages to cater to its workers’ accommodation needs. This place is a very historic site, much like a lot of the other sites in Mooresville, and if you need a history lesson this should be your go-to location. The neighborhood looks almost untouched and just the way it did when it was first constructed, and it has a really sizeable population.

Give yourself a treat at one of the many spas

mooresville spa

Tired and all knotted up? You can go to one of the many spas in Mooresville to relieve yourself of all stress. Just one session at the spa will have you feeling fresh and good as new.

Take a tour of the North Carolina Auto Racing Hall of Fame

The NCARHF displays well over 35 cars in a bid to appeal to the visual senses of visitors, and this display is used to honor Mooresville’s revered and prestigious position as the Race City of the United States. Anybody who is interested in learning about the Mooresville motorsport industry’s history should not think twice before visiting the NCARHF. There is a massive and impressive collection of drag racers, information about NASCAR greats, stock cars, and relevant historic memorabilia. A visit to the NCARHF would never be complete without a stop at the Goodyear Mini-Theater.

Go on the Mooresville Historic Walking Tour

Charles Mack mooresville

This will really feed your eyes with all the sights of Mooresville. It offers a view of how far Mooresville has come over the decades. You get to see the old train depot, the Charles Mack building, the original Mooresville town hall and visit the Mooresville Museum. This museum is a non-profit organization and its main goal is to see to it that Mooresville’s regional heritage is preserved.

Take a stroll through Downtown Mooresville

Downtown Mooresville nc

If you feel you’re up for a walk, then you definitely should stroll through Downtown Mooresville when you have the time. While on your stroll, you can shop at any of the local shops and boutiques, eat at the amazing restaurants, and partake in some delightful Mooresville fun.

Go to the Mooresville Depot Visual Arts Center

This arts center was initially called “Moor’s Landing” because it used to serve as the historic train depot. Not, Mooresville Arts is in charge of its operation and the arts center offers events and exhibits all year-long. A special focus is placed on artists that are from North Carolina.

Play golf at Mooresville Golf Range & Par 3 Mini Golf

This is the only golf course situated around Lake Norman that’s lighted. No matter your golf preference, there is something for you. The driving range is available if you want to improve your long game, there’s a Par 3 course is there for you to work on your shot game, and if you go there with kids, you can play with them on the 18 hole mini golf course.

Have a great time with your family at Lazy 5 Ranch

Lazy 5 Ranch mooresville

If you’re in our city with your entire family or with your kids, you should add a visit to Lazy 5 Ranch to your list of things to do while in Mooresville. The Lazy 5 Ranch house more than 750 exotic and majestic animals gotten from six of the world’s seven continents. You and your family members can learn so much about conservation, and also get a chance to feed the beautiful animals. Your kids will have the time of their life at this ranch, and it would be a very memorable experience. Please note that the Lazy 5 Ranch does not accept credit cards so you have to come along with enough cash.

Head over to Mooresville Municipal Golf Course

This golf course was renovated recently, and it was designed by Kris Spence. The inspiration for the new design was gotten from the Scottish “Links” golf course.

Shop at Main St. Antique Mall & Design Gallery

This mall is situated in the place that used to be Burlington Industries Mill. It houses well over two hundred vendors that sell custom upholstery, vintage goods, jewelry, clothes, art, and accessories. A visit to this mal will give you a chance to do all your shopping in one building.

By partaking in a number of these activities, there is no way your stay in our wonderful city wouldn’t be one of the best trip of your life.

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