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Soft Leather Urban Tote Bag - Powder

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Soft Leather Tote in Powder Pink Color

Are you on the lookout for a leather tote bag that can fit a very particular style? This is the place to start. This soft leather tote bag is a fine choice for any women who are looking for a comfortable, everyday-suitable bag that they can work with whenever they wish. It’s a stylish design and one that should work well for those who are both busy and out doing various things with their time.

If you are looking for a bag that is going to work well as an everyday piece of attire, then, this black leather urban tote bag is just for you. It has plenty of storage space to keep all of your goodies in.

From your purse to your make-up through to any business essentials you need for the day ahead, this tote bag makes sure you have all of the space that you need on you at all times.

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leather tote bag inside
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Functional and Beautiful

The numerous compartments allow for easy storage of everything that you want and need to bring with you, too. This leaves you with a very impressive looking bag that can easily allow for you to find all of your essentials without any uncertainty.

Made from genuine leather in a basic black color, this is the ideal choice of bag for those who want something that won’t lose its charm and style over time. If you are looking for a solid bag with high water resistance, too, you would do well to find a better option than this.

So, if you want to make sure that you always have everything that you need in the one place, this is almost certainly the item to consider. When you want a powder leather urban tote bag that has plenty of space without sacrificing style, be sure to look here!

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Urban Tote Bag Features

  • Comes with a stylish, spacious interior that ensures you always have space inside.
  • Elegant yet minimalistic design ensures this always looks stylish and understated.
  • Comes with a single compartment in the main area, with ample storage space.
  • Within, you can use two internal zip-up pockets that are placed on both sides.
  • One external pocket gives you ample room for storing anything you need fast access to.
  • Comes with a special key holder section for keeping essential items safe.
  • Made from rich and soft floater leather.

Handmade with lоve and care by olpr.

soft leather tote for everyday use
Type Tote Bag


Genuine Floater Leather




Soft Leather Urban Tote Bag - Powder

Country of Production


Closure Type

Magnet snap closure


2 pockets
Key carabiner


Craft Paper



Top Width


Bottom Width




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Soft Leather Urban Tote Bag - Powder