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Soft Leather Round Bag Sphere - Blue

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Blue Leather Bag Of Cool Design

When you are looking for a stylish little leather bag, one thing that you might find is the shape is hard to get right. Instead of going for a big square bag, though, some of us prefer to go for something a touch more shapely. For example, have you thought about going for a blue leather round bag in a round shape?

Not only do these look great, but they leave you with a very cool looking leather bag that you can gladly use every time you don't need to have many things on hand. These are made of natural floater leather of the highest quality. It gives you the feeling having smth spesial and being special.

When you feel like you are always going for the same old bags, it can be quite annoying. This unusually sophisticated design will ensure you receive a blue leather bag that looks totally different. The shape is interesting, but the durable pair of internal pockets – closed with a magnetic snap closure – ensures that you have a bag that is both stylish and suitable for many purposes.


Please Note

Due to the handmade nature, this leather is subject to changes in color, sometimes it can be lighter / darker than in the picture as each hide reacts to the dyeing process differently. This leather comes from the upper part of the cowhide, where the hide is the strongest, with all natural markings and imperfections preserved. This leather is of high quality, as it ages it develops a patina turning your particular piece to a one of a kind item with unique pattern and vintage look.


Main Features

  • Looks quality with a rich and stylish blue leather finish in a unique shape.
  • Sophisticated design that looks different to what you might normally go for.
  • Comes with a pair of internal pockets on a magnetic snap closure finish.
  • Durable lining will ensure that everything inside is protected from damage.
  • Made from durable, timeless leather that looks brilliant. Suitable for years to come.
  • Impressive pair of compartments ensures easy storage of little essentials you need.
  • Impressive natural floater leather of the highest quality used in the creation.
Type Belt Bag


Soft Floater Leather




Soft Leather Round Bag Sphere - Blue

Dimensions (diameter)


Closure Type

Magnet snap closure


2 side pockets


Craft Paper

Country of Production


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Soft Leather Round Bag Sphere - Blue