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Crazy Horse Leather Hide - Navy

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Natural Full Grain Leather Piece

Amazing look, soft feel and durable nature - Crazy Horse leather has everything to become your next DYI project or business idea.


  • Average hide size is 20 sq.ft
  • Leather thickness 4,5-5 oz.
  • Beautiful navy color
  • Real Crazy Horse leather
  • Full-grain leather type
  • High quality and great look

What is Crazy Horse:

Leather hides for sale are real Crazy Horse leather, also known as saddle leather. It is made of buffed and smother cowhide. Special feature of the Crazy Horse is its wax finish hand rubbed into the piece to make the fibers even more stronger and give the leather shiny look. This leather type can outlast years of use, requires no special care and has a unique weathered look.

What makes it so special:

A distinctive feature of the Crazy Horse leather is its appearance and long-lasting nature. Even new item has worn appearance and possesses special vintage character. It is a waxy finish which makes the leather change its hue when rubbed or scratched. Crazy Horse is undemanding to work with and will become perfect material for professional or amateur use.

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Crazy Horse Leather Hide - Navy