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Travel Accessory

Personalized travel accessories
If you have once used any kind of airlines, then you definitely know the annoying process of your bag measurement.
Everyone knows that there is nothing better than taking a small bag and going to another part of the world. OleksynPrannyk store is happy to create bags and backpacks according to your measures and needs, so they become the best friends during your trips and will always be the right size for airlines inspection.

Horween benchmark
Horween leather is the smoothest material, which feature is strength and comfort. This leather is widely used for production of all types of travel accessories. Travel tags, which are always ready to help you find your bag among others in Lost and Found office. Travel wallets for money and passports, to feel protected and safe, when it comes to long trip and several types of transport. There are so many details, which may seem small, but can absolutely change the mood of your holidays.

Get your personal approach
If you are a frequent traveller, it really means that your have a strong need in personalization. Monograms, engraving, color stitching and additional pockets or details create a custom leather travel accessory, ready to be used for many years. Each order is carefully processed and produced, which guarantees high quality standards. There is always an individual approach during the production of all unique travel accessories for every single client. The result is amazingly impressive with its characteristic features and professional handmade work.
From now, you are always ready to take a flight. When you get one of air travel accessories, you buy your security and satisfaction. Every time our craftsmen do their best, producing new masterpieces in the world of leather travel accessories.

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