Leather Card Holders

Leather Card Holders

It’s time to stop digging through pockets in search of your business cards; our quality leather card holders are excessive ways to keep your cards close to your reach, proudly displayed and wrinkle-free. The men’s leather card holder is selected for its durability and weighty feel which adds a look of character and solidity.

Our series of leather card holders are handcrafted with a luxurious combination of quality materials assured in the finest Horween leather and complete to the highest standards. Its robust design will bring out the beauty of your business contacts without the worry of the holder tipping over, and with its delighted appearance, they blend into every environment.

Discover an array of outstanding dark glasses and allow the olpr. leather card holders to step in your social and professional engagements when supplying business information. Each leather card holder we make is completely handmade stylishly in our own workshops and with a new perspective on the classic.

Our collection of men leather card holders are also the ideal option for every woman and it is designed tough with appropriate security measures in mind, to provide you with the needed capacity for your cards when shopping. They are generated from genuine soft leather and also made portable that it would perfectly fit into any pocket with no annoying or sharp edges and lightweight to move your personal items without any stress.

In spite of having a portable background, the leather card holder is handmade specially to accommodate various categories of cards such as business cards, credit cards, medical cards, driver’s license or ID cards, also with enough space to contain a high amount of cash and making sure that all contents are intact; all thanks to its sleek and tough design.

We’ve made it possible to personalize our leather card holders with a custom embossing or through logo engraving – which is the perfect way to surprise your relatives, friends or even your colleagues at work with gifts they will always cherish.

We are known for our extraordinary standards in quality leather good making and our ability to always represent with breathtaking experience in leather product making. Our innovative leather products guarantee long-lasting use, sturdiness and provide extra sustenance in all your day to day activities.

Our captivating collection features doesn’t end with quality cardholders, but a foundation from leather journals to duffle bags and other elevated essentials like leather aprons, and iPhone accessories.

Contact us for a custom order, and start making a difference.