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Leather Card Holders

If you are sick and tired of searching for the necessary business card in your pocket or bag, there is only one quality solution – buy one of the premium leather business card holders. In the modern world, when the number of credit card holders is constantly growing; most durable and long-lasting leather credit card holders have become more of a necessity rather than a luxury accessory.

On the other hand, custom leather card holders made from genuine material may still be offered at affordable cost. How is that possible? olpr. is an online store that provides customers with an array of handcrafted, up-to-date and quality card holders that will add not only to your style but also solidity and respectfulness.

Don’t have a credit card? Don’t have many cards? No way! The world tendency shows that the number of credit card holders is rapidly growing, as well as the number of people owning regular discount cards and similar items. It simply means that every person needs one of those personalized leather business card holders, which will help to become more orderly and stylish.

Personalized Leather Card Holders

Have high social status and enough money, but still cannot highlight your personality? That’s not a problem with olpr. and its assortment. No matter if you are a real businessman or just a high-rank office worker, monogrammed leather scorecard holders will emphasize your custom and exceptional style.

Believe it or not, olpr. is an American-based company that follows all the modern tendencies in terms of design, material and related issues. The company uses only high-quality Horween leather that guarantees maximal durability of the card holder.

Other advantages? Sure, striving to make handmade products look more personal, the team offers an opportunity to order individual engraving. Every customer gets 3 initial letters for free, while you will have to pay for the rest. Moreover, there is a chance to completely customize the chosen card holder, selecting the color or thread and a logo or sign on it. The specialist will complete your order in several working days with top-notch quality guaranteed.

Leather Card Holders for Men

Need a present for your boyfriend, brother or father? Men’s leather card holders may become the best options. Unique design, competitive deals, high-quality full-grain leather used and a range of other advantages will make it a worthy present. Browse the website of olpr. to find the collection of robust and fine card holders. Choose the color of the item (even though it is not listed in the catalog), the shade of the thread, embossed or engraving and other details, which will contribute to the item being special.

Leather Card Holders for Women

Minimalist style and cute design are the exact characteristics preferred by any lady. olpr offers a wide range of card holders, which will suit the preferences of the most demanding customers: adjustable details, an opportunity to craft a specific item and add some distinctive marks on it. A chance to create individual women leather card holders is the exact thing required and appreciated by most clients. Cannot believe it is true? Visit the website, contact the support representative speaking your native language and get all the details of cooperation.

Benefits of Buying Card Holders from OLPR

Still doubting about the online store to deal with? olpr. is an undeniable leader among leather companies. The experienced team works for the convenience of their clients, offering the best deals and unique products. Apart from the basic services and characteristics, we can boast of:

  • Products made in the USA;
  • Best materials with a quality license. Full-grain Horween leather is the exact thing that makes all the products both durable and stylish;
  • Infinity choice that is never limited by shape, color or size of the item;
  • Ability to order the product personally or leave an order for other people;
  • Opportunity to bespoke the exact item you need, so it will suit your desires and embody your imagination;
  • Ability to get products wholesale with special discounts and individual conditions;
  • Reasonable and competitive prices that correspond to the quality of the offered goods.

Just take your time to view all the options offered by olpr. and take your chance to experience the maximal advantage.

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