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Custom Leather Backpacks

If you are a dedicated tourist, restless walker or determined camper, custom made leather backpacks are nothing new for you. And the reason is simple: a backpack is a thing which can include so many necessary items and still be convenient for comfortable carrying. However, spacious, simple and convenient is not the best, while quality and genuine are the points.

olpr. is a Native American company that has rich experience working with leather products and offers its customers the best deals and the most quality products. While the tendency of using rucksacks is growing annually, among both men and women, people start searching for unique chances to bespoke durable, luxury and affordable items.

Leather Backpacks for Men

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when people talk about men’s rucksack? Is it a huge bag for fishing or hiking? olpr. destroys stereotypes providing clients with premium quality handmade leather backpacks for males. Due to the durable and top-notch material, the item adds to your style and still remains ultimately helpful.

Browse the website of the online store to see a rich assortment, choose the desired option and buy it at the most reasonable and competitive price. So, a backpack from olpr. can become the best gift for a stylish friend or a useful thing for an inveterate worker.

Leather Backpacks for Women

What about females? Caring for its clients, olpr. considered women too, so we have created a special collection of women’s rucksacks. Executive, quality real leather items are available in various sizes, colors, styles and shapes to satisfy the preferences of the most exacting and demanding women. olpr. guarantees the quality of products, as all of them are made from the most durable material and in accordance with all the technological requirements.

Look through our website to check the variety of unique rucksacks for women to make sure you will find a suitable one for your sister or friend. Buy leather backpacks from olpr. and highlight your individual style and thorough approach to your accessories.

Personalized Leather Backpacks

Does a simple pack look trivial even if it is leather? The unique design of personalized leather backpacks can contribute to the authentic look. Up-to-date options, like engraved or embossed accessories, are available for your luxury look. Contact the representatives of the support team to order the desired logo or sign. The infinity of possible things you can depict on your bag is simply impressive. Leather backpacks with initials can become the best gift for your friend or relative, highlighting your exclusive attitude towards him/her.

If you thought that this is a full list of unique options offered by olpr., you were wrong. Apart from the private label and monogrammed rucksack, you can choose the form and size of the item you like and order it in a completely different color or with different threads not offered in the collection. Due to the customer-oriented approach, the company will do the most to meet your requirements and desires.

Benefits of Buying Leather Backpacks on olpr.

Still having doubts? Forget about all the prejudice and opt for the best:

  • Unique rucksacks and other handcrafted accessories made from time-tested full-grain Horween leather;
  • All the products are made in the USA retaining corresponding quality but offering reasonable costs;
  • An exclusive opportunity to customize the sack or another item you buy, adding a personal logo, team symbol or initials;
  • Rapid order processing and fast delivery, which will not make you wait for the backpack more than 2-3 working days within the US and 14 days around Europe;
  • Ability to order wholesale leather backpacks.
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