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Dog Collars

Our small and big pets play an important role in our lives and our mood. They are always here to help us, when we are sad and always ready to share our happiness. Everyone, who has or had a dog or cat, knows this endless happiness and joy they bring into our homes. We try to take care of them and buy favourite snacks or toys. And they pay back with their tenderness and love.

olpr. store is glad to offer another reason for happiness for both, you and your dog, because nicest personalized leather dog collars and leashes are ready to be purchased. This small detail will add new mood for everyday routine walks. It will help you to establish even more close connection with your pet. It does not matter if you prefer simple and nice style or luxury and chic touch. You may want to avoid all the stress with comfortable leash or add some character to you toy-pet with custom leather collars for dogs. Our team can definitely find an option for you. We know that every detail is important, when it comes to choosing a new gift for your dog. That is why, with your help, we will create beautiful handmade custom leather dog collars. It is easy to choose any design and color, size and leather type. Just write your wishes in the message to us and we will be immediately there to respond. What can better than a high quality leather dog collar with name engraved, and some address details on it? You never know if your dog is going to take a long walk by itself, but you will be always sure that the person who finds it, can easily call you back.

Horween Leather is famous among leather lovers and we are sure of its quality and long-term duration. It is strong and soft, so it will never cause any inconvenience or damage to your dog or you hand. This is the main reason we use it in our production. Do not wait till the old leash will be thrown away! Buy new custom made leather dog collars and experience comfortable and smooth detail of your pet’s outfit. Be sure that you will be noticed by other dog-owners, getting jealous of your purchase. Personalization is important not only for a human, but for everyone and everything around you. That is why ideal personalized engraved leather dog collars will add new level of comfort and joy. Enjoy new style and new spirit of your old friend and become our loyal client, together with variety of choices for you and your pet. Let your imagination create a perfect gift and let us make your dream come true!

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