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Boss's Day Gifts

Ah, Bosses, they come in all sizes shape and form. There are many people with terrible stories regarding their current or some former boss. In fact, I think anyone who has ever worked on a “conventional” job has an anecdote or two regarding their boss, good or bad! However, there were always those bosses that were labeled by their teams as “tough but fair”, true leaders of their team who push their employees to give their absolute best and do it all by setting a great example! For those of us lucky enough to have a true leader, someone that will help us to reach our full potential and even exceed it, pay attention, official boss appreciation day is on October 16th! Why not surprise your boss with a personalized gift as a way of saying: “Hey, thank you for always believing in me and always having my back”!

What to get your boss for bosses’ day?

Your boss is a person that has devoted much of their time and energy to develop you and keep you on the right path. They always try to make you come to work with a smile on your face so let`s try and make them smile on that October 16th which they thought was just another day at the office (this year it is even on a Monday so it`s perfect!).

You know and value this person so let`s dive and choose a choose a gift with care and affection.

First off, let`s discuss a bit about the story of it all. Anyone can go into some random store and pick up the first thing they see on the shelf which fit`s their set budget for the present and be done with it. By choosing olpr., in addition to the present, you get an amazing story to tell and it doesn`t hurt that the merchandise is stunning as well! Everything is handcrafted with the finest materials and with absolute care and craftsmanship. The leather itself is full grain and sourced from one of the oldest and most respected tanneries in the US The Horween Tannery. So, to conclude, you will get a small handcrafted work of art that is also a piece of history!

Ok, back to the actual gifts. We presume that you know your boss a bit, he or she is such a big part of your career and its development and if nothing you at least see them every day. Presumably, you know what they like what is their favorite color, are they tech savvy or more traditional. Every bit of such information is useful and will help when choosing what to get. All this information is extremely important since you can customize each present to perfectly fit the recipient. If you notice that your boss likes a certain color you can choose that color for the stitching, you can even have their initials or a message engraved in the leather and make it a truly personalized gift that shows that you care!

We mentioned little details in your bosses’ personality that will help you choose the perfect gift, let’s put that into practice.

We live in a digital age that’s a fact, but just as a well-tailored suit will never go out of style so is the classic leather journal. Evergreen accessory. You can never go wrong here, a simple yet stylish Moleskin Cahier with a small inscription inside will be an amazing gift for your boss.

Gift ideas for your boss are abundantly plentiful here! If you know your boss travels a lot you could make him an awesome personalized travel set. You can combine beautiful travel pieces such as the leather dopp kit with a mini journal and a travel wallet personalize and customize everything with your bosses initials and send them out in style!

Naturally, you can get all these pieces on their own as well. If your boss prefers to take notes on a Mac or an iPad instead of pen and paper, you can get them some personalized covers. There are large varieties of leather cases for all their gadgets starting with the iPhone all the way up to various Mac and iPad sizes. You can match the style of the cover to that of your boss and as always for some extra love and care, customize and personalize!

At our shop, you can let your imagination run free and get inspired for many more boss`s day gift Ideas. There is plenty to choose from for every occasion with many options for customization and personalization to make each present custom made for the person receiving it. Make your bosses day this year extra special and let them know that you appreciate everything that they do for you and that those efforts do not go uncherished and unnoticed!

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