Have you ever looked for a gift, which will be characteristic and stylish, but not too sophisticated? If your response is ‘yes’, than you know very well what it means, spending days in different shops without any success. Once you have decided that it is going to be a leather wrap bracelet, you cannot find the one unique item. It is impossible to find stylish personalized leather bracelets among the huge number of mass-market items.

olpr. artisans are always ready to create your exquisite leather handmade bracelets. The secret weapon is our high-quality material, used for all our products. Horween Leather can be definitely called the best choice for fashionable handmade leather bracelets. Massive or tiny, long or short, symbolic or decorative, with initials or quotes — all these options are available when it comes to choosing the right wrist bracelet.

It happens, that a simple decoration has to be even more personalized. That is why, options we can also realize, are engraved leather bracelets. You can choose the quote or phrase, you would like to have on your item, and send it to us. Include also a brief description of leather bracelet designs, you have found or even imagined. Pictures are also accepted as examples. You will see that from the day you hired us as your partners, there will be no problem in realizing your most brave ideas. Variety of colors and possibilities to customize leather bracelets makes these items appropriate for both, men and women.

Such designer leather bracelets are of high popularity among people of different age and cultures. Because it is not just a decorative element, but an essential outfit part. We offer you to order a way to express your personality in such a little, but significant item, as genuine leather bracelet. Most stores and online shops are selling products with no character, choosing season’s fashion. Which means that your perfectly matching decoration will probably look stupid next year. Custom leather bracelets, instead, are in fashion for years and are used to reflect your mood. Wear such an adornment on your wrist and you will definitely notice the new wave of emotions and self-confidence. Handcrafted leather bracelets can become the first step to change the routine life or to emphasize your advantages.

Stop wasting your time and money! Just take a look at our collection and get inspired by your imagination and mood!

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